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Jerry Dulaney

Jerry Dulaney is a 42 year old male from Pittsburgh PA. He gets off going around on online dating sites & collecting as many vulnerable women as he can. He uses the fact that he works with cancer kids at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh but he really doesn’t work there. I’m not sure how long he has been collecting women for sex, money, drugs, free vacations & whatever else he can get from them. Right now he is also listed on as one of the most notorious master cheaters. Quite a few of use victims have found out about him thru lies & one very smart woman who went thru his cell phone & wrote down as many numbers as she could & is calling to fill them in on his games. Some are greatful & some don’t believe cuz they are not from the PA area. One lives in New Orleans & is not believing any of us & she had 2 children that could be victims of his games. He uses her for a vacation like Marti Gra in January. He also used women in Florida, California, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio & WV. He has sex with all if these women spreading STD’s & UTI’s. When confronted he says that these women are crazy & jealous & you are his only one & he wants to marry you. He has been married 3 maybe 4 times. Has 2 boys & 2 pregnant women that we know of currently. If you have been in contact with him please confront him & end it before its too late & he takes u for ur money & ur pride as a good woman. Help us stop this creep!!

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115 thoughts on “Jerry Dulaney”

  1. Me to. Have u been to his house. Tell me more about you and him. Seems we are both being played.

  2. The two of you go to martial arts together? Are you friends or dating?

  3. He is dating many women. Your not the only one. From Mississippi, Louisiana, Vegas, and many other states.

  4. Doing what. I have no reason to lie. Just trying to see how long and how many women he is cheating with. We have been in a relationship for almost a year.

  5. Hmmmmm that’s interesting. He’s good…

  6. I’m seeing that. Nothing or any one woman is going to satisfy him. Your not the first woman I found. But he promises I’m the only one. And all you other women are stupid.

  7. Wow….interesting. he’s only been here a year. How did u meet?

  8. Through a friend. He has been here over a year. How did you meet him.

  9. Leslie, your not the only one that saw him for the holidays. Tell us, where do you fit in all this. We have been together almost a year.

  10. Hmmmm holidays…that’s interesting. Christmas and thanksgiving. Hmmmmmm….wht did you get

  11. A beautiful infinity diamond necklace. What did he give you?

  12. Something beautiful and from heart. You may want to tell him to leave me alone since your vomitted.

  13. Look, all u women are crazy. He is engaged and has been. So maybe u women need to get a life. And stop trying to ruin his. Not sure what your trying to prove going back and forth. But it’s pretty pathetic. Leave him alone and get the hell out of his life and his business. None of u got all this beautiful jewelry u wish to have. No need to respond to me, I won’t be on here playing your games. I know where our hearts are.

  14. I see him at least 2 twice a month. I can tell you what his apartment looks like and how much he likes sex.

  15. His apartment is a very nice one. In his living room he has s shelf he has decorated with lights with his skull tart burner with tarts on a shelf below it, he also has swords hanging in the liviving room. In his bedroom he has a chest of drawers with his alarm clock and speakers plus candles that he likes to burn. With swords on the wall with a Chinese Picture. He loves to have his _ _ _ _ sucked and loves to be squirted on. He likes to send pictures of hisself I have many in the last few months he added to to his u2 tattoos he has a large tattoo on his back down the back of his neck Chinese symbols shall I go on and on

  16. That is funny u say that when I just saw his pictures on Facebook of his apartment u r a sick twisted b**** and so isn’t Tammy wow no life…..

  17. Yes do continue. What is the one on the head of his d… That’s my favorite.

  18. Since in the last few days no tattoo on his c_ _k just my p__ _y juice dripping down his c _ _ k

  19. What a joke, he’s been with me. Leslie, stop with all your lies. I seen he is engaged to someone. Hope your happy Jerry.

  20. No joke lady I have been with him and talk to him everyday. But if you chose o believe not than you are crazy. The man is not ready to marry again he just out of a marriage not very long ago to Christi Armond , and left Christi for a girl name Tyna miller check it out on Facebook. Talk to Christi his ex wife in New Orleans

  21. So Leslie easy question if u talk to him everyday last night what did he watch on t.v. should be easy right?

  22. Didn’t talk to him last nite I talked to him yesterday morning .i worked last nite

  23. Leslie you really are a joke. Everyone knows about his ex wife. That doesn’t make you anyone special darling. And his apartment pictures are on fb. And we all know he has tattoos they are on fb also. Tell us something we don’t know. And yes he is engaged and I hope they are happy. Who are you to say when he is ready to marry again. Just a little down because it’s not to you.

  24. Leslie you know everything, when he left tyna where did he go?

  25. Yeah I am sure he has pics posted on Facebook . But does he say he likes got a women to squirt on him, does it say he likes big t***. Does it say he lukes to tit fu_k you no it doesn’t . Have you met his parents his children

  26. Who do you think he was in bed with last night. Titty f****** me. And making love most of the night. I do know his parents, and his boys. But I asked you where did he go when he left tyna

  27. How can u go from sex to his parents and kids that is sick u think messages need to stop he is ruined simple enough with all the comments hope u best Jerry

  28. Oh my ladies why are you arguing over this guy . Here are 3 of you talking about this poor man. Obviously he has been with all 3 of you . An he has kicked you to the curb . He doesn’t want you anymore get over it . Move on

  29. He didn’t leave Tyna Miller,she found out a few weeks after they moved in together that he had multiple other woman.they continued living together while he dated several other woman,the last one was Tina Richards…I have spoke to both of these woman…

  30. On going cycle with him. Lies Lies Lies. Any woman that believes anything that comes out of his mouth will be hurt in the end. Women just know he will never be loyal to one woman ever. Run from this creep.

  31. Well ladies what is his story. He’s obviously convincing and seeing numerous people wherever he goes. Wow the esteem this man has. Really…

  32. Sociopath pathological liar,that’s his game. I have spoke with over 20 woman before and after he robbed a year of my life. Many women contacted me and warned me about him after we were dating a couple of months but of course like most of you I didn’t believe it either he had a very convincing story he always does.he could teach b******* artistry. He sent me the same video that he sent another woman we compared videos and photos and they were the exact same ones he’s a scam artist. And he has hurt so so so many people. I know for a fact he still contacting women from Gulfport and Louisiana. If you don’t believe me ask him to trade cell phones just for 2 hours see if he says yes LOL trust me he won’t. As soon as he wakes up he sends his good morning beautiful text to God knows how many women. Trust me if you are with him you are not the only one he’s with are the only one he’s talking to

  33. If he promises you are his only one….u must not be. Quit the stamina….pathetic

  34. You guys are battling back and forth. Acting like this guy is a stud….actually he’s a dud.

  35. Misty please tell me how I can contact you to get more information on this loser. What is the time frame you and him were together. He needs to be stopped. He has used an abused so many women.

  36. T. I was with him while he was living with Tyna Miller she’s the one he was cheating on his wife with. I dated him and found out he was also talking to and seeing women in Las Vegas Gulfport Bay st. Louis ext… you can look her up on Facebook . I believe the woman that he was seeing before he left bay st. Louis was a woman named Tina Richards. There are so many I can’t be absolutely positive she was the last .I’m sure both women would talk to you. I’m in a happy relationship now and I really don’t want to speak with anyone at this time…

  37. He was also dating me at the same time. I knew he was cheating but always tried to cover the lies. I am going to contact his family and let them know what kind of person he is. I bet they don’t know nothing. He is a loser. Congratulations on your relationship.

  38. His family knows he’s scum,they just deal with him because they have too,his kids know he’s a dead beat too.

  39. I have his parents home phone number and address, I’m mailing them all the pics, letters, and text messages so they can see what kind of tricks and games he plays. Jerry if you read this. Stop trying to play all these women. We will figure u out. How many are you using now.

  40. This guy is convincing with his lies upon lies….cover up with lies….backtracking with lies. I don’t know where he is now, but he can stay there.
    Money…stories….secrets…lies…letters…don’t waste your hate on him ladies. He’s not that good….anywhere. He thinks he is….acts like he is….but he’s not. If you know what I mean…. Run far away save your money and your hearts.

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