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Jerry Alperin

Jerry Alperin is from Maryland, lived in AZ, and now in Utah. He has a criminal record for impersonating a veterinarian. He is a huge lyar, and also smokes pot. Watch out for this loser ladies!


4 thoughts on “Jerry Alperin”

  1. Retaliation like this for not wanting to date someone is completely inappropriate and childish. It only shows a woman with an unstable mind. I had to speak up for this guy because the same woman is now stalking me and I had to get a restraining order on her.

  2. We all know this is you Jerry, not some guy named Robert. Very soon you are going to be investigated for posing as a doctor (veterinarian). You were already caught for this crime in Maryland, the court records are public knowledge. You also got in trouble in San Francisco for not paying rent and refusing to vacate . Goodluck Jerry, you are going to need it.

  3. Go away Jerry. You are a weird man, ugly, short, skinny, bad teeth, shark eyes, liar, doctor wanna-be. The truth is being revealed loser!! You are going to be investigated by the DOPL.

  4. Jerry had a house go into foreclosure in Arizona on Hillman Drive in Maricopa County. Public info, easy to look up. You can’t get away with your lies JERRY SCOTT ALPERIN!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR/VETERINARIAN.

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