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Jennifer Margeson, Tacoma WA

Any man in the east Tacoma area interested in an easy f*** and getting some free s*** bought for you, look no further. One other thing though, you need to be black. That’s right, she only fucks black guys. With that said, be sure to bring your shopping list and your condoms because her snatch is full of diseases. Oh wait, she already has condoms. Whores always do. I have several pornhub photos I can’t share on here so they are all now on the appropriate type of websites.
Having been unsuccessful in tricking a man to marry her, her best idea is to find married men to latch onto. Then brings them home in front of her 2 grown sons. A shining example on how to sneak around and be cheaters themselves. But what can you expect from an uneducated white trash drop out? If you get tired of her whiny a** voice, just put a d*** in it. She will be right at home. But be warned, the whining WILL start.
Now that she’s been outed I’m sure she’s full of regret. But it’s too late for all that. I was patient for FAR too long. Did you think f****** around was going to be easy? That things would go your way? That you would get what you want out of him? Do you really know what he thinks of you? You are an easy mark and have nothing to look forward to but being single and f***** over. You are ugly, dirty, dishonest, dumb, a terrible mother, 100% predictable, have no self worth and obviously have no idea who you are dealing with.


Author: Zero

586 thoughts on “Jennifer Margeson, Tacoma WA”

  1. Qtbom you ain’t right. You need to step off

  2. Fukk dat bich I’m show this to everyone i know so they know wat a real ho look like. I know where dis bich stay to

  3. If she think she can do better job then let her a** try. Swan will be the first one to realize dis bitcch ain’t wife material.

  4. Ain’t nobody trying to live up in that nasty crib look like it goodwill decorated dat shitt

  5. Someone is sleeping with the union rep to get reinstated.

  6. Why come back to where you aren’t wanted? If that’s even true.

  7. This bittch is never coming back to transit.

  8. probably stings a little every time she sees a bus go by

  9. Hahahahahahaaa!!! @bmass, you said goodwill! Bitcch probably has some of my donated trash displayed

  10. You all f***** up talking s***. Swan is like fam he ain’t into this s***

  11. Then you all ain’t close cz n**** balls deep in dis filthy white bittch

  12. Everybody knows BigD is Otis in breed racist 4 eyed f $!k.

  13. Jennifer how can you let someone take your man, your job, your dignity and make a blog about you and do nothing about it? You need to take care of the b****. Your a fool if you don’t.

  14. Why would u tell her that u stupid f $!k..for one he was never hers he’s Married..2 she got her as whooped and lost her job on her own stupidity…she just needs to move on get a job and find a new dude who likes Dat nasty stank tramps…

  15. You think either one of these azzholes cares if he’s married?! If he cared even in the slightest this page wouldn’t exist. But I agree, jenheifer tried to take care of her and failed big time. And wasn’t she the one that said she “didn’t want to live” without this POS in her sorry azz life? When’s that gonna happen?…. Still waiting

  16. Agreed. Any way that can be expedited? Bittch is W O R T H L E S S

  17. I don’t like this chick as much as the rest of yall. But encouraging paybacks and that kind of s*** ain’t recommended. From what I was told the wife is a felon so she don’t play. We all glad jennifer got booted. We don’t gotta see her arrogant a** walking round like her s*** don’t stink no more. Lets just leave it at that.

  18. Maybe instead she can develop an eating disorder or something.

  19. If you think Jennifer is nasty you all should see the prostitute Swan is f****** now

  20. Sounds like someone is still mad he didn’t put a ring on it

  21. @ skrilla, you so nasty lol!
    she def mad he gave someone else a ring. She ain’t gave it up yet

  22. Tramp look like squid word. Just die won’t you…you are a piece of cap ragity a $$ Tramp that no one will ever truly love..nothing but a s**** bank and I’m sure it’s full…


  24. I’m ready I’m ready lol!!! Long necked ski sloped forehead nasty stank flat a $$ Tramp about sums it up…

  25. Sponge Bob is ruined forever lmao

  26. Dam swan wish I known u was doing dis b****.I coulda thrown some bomb a** b****** your way. I see y you hid dis one cz b**** is vile.Praying for u bro

  27. Beotch is gross….this picture gives no justice…belly hanging over the puss fat elbows legs like a elephant…but walks around with her shade on her face 24/7 like she is the sh$t..just die already do everyone a favor

  28. Bell hanging over fat elbows shades on 24/7 like she is Marilyn Monroe..garbage

  29. Swan don’t gaf about having a wife. His brother&sister even say he just there for the kids. He will f### anything

  30. Don’t give aF $!/ about your tramp @$$

  31. Just hurry up and die please jump off a bridge take some pills shoot yourself I n the head anything please

  32. How the f*** did she land a pharmacy job? Shes a pill popper

  33. My email clogged with this and mail order bride bs! Lol! I’m glad she gone to. Thought she was better than all yall. Sqidward tho? Lololol! Good riddens. Better pray new job don’t Google your name cuz you screwed.

  34. I would be happy to inform KCM, IT and FS about this piece of trash. Consider it done. You’re welcome.

  35. Bitchh gotta wear shades popping pills

  36. She trying to cover her ugliness lol

  37. If that’s the case she needs to start wearing a welders mask instead.

  38. My baseball bat will fix her ugly a** face

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