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Jennifer Lee Moore of Las Vegas, Nevada

This is Jennifer Lee Moore who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is about 30 years and has no problem engaging with a married man, then when she does not get her way she attacks the wife with a 4 page hate letter. She then files a protective order, lies in her statement to the court and brings three friends to the hearing as well. In open court she had to admit she cheated had an affair with a married man. The judge scolded for about 5 minutes telling her that the letter she wrote in such great detail was manipulative.

Please watch out for this one. She may have a history of filing protective orders for unsupported reasons. She also stalked the man she was having an affair with when he attempted to walk away from the relationship. In response, she has driven by the home, blocked the her lover in his parking space and even following to him to his home so she could beg for 5 minutes of his time. She does this acts with various friends and after she contacts the police claiming fear.

Once it was clear she was not getting anywhere in the relationship, she sent the wife a 4 page hate letter, dragged her child into the situation and addressed the wife as disgusting.

Stay far away from this one. She has issues.


Author: Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lee Moore of Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. The wife (or ex-wife) who posted this is really pathetic. I was working with Jennifer Moore when this crazy b****’s husband was hitting on her. Jennifer actually came to me and said “who is this guy, he gives me the creeps, isn’t he married?” I responded “Oh no that’s Rob, he’s a friend of the owner’s and he’s just really friendly” Ha! Little did I know he was a habitual cheater with a psycho wife who will blame everyone except her husband. She has threatened and stalked Jennifer Moore despite the fact that her ex-husband lied to Jennifer about his relationship with his wife. In fact – the only thing he was truthful about was that his wife was crazy. In my opinion she is also pathetic.

  2. Who said the wife didn’t blame her spouse or take action against him?

    Did Jennifer mention her 4 page hate letter to the wife, copies of texts or the fact she con’t to carrry on with Rob even after she knew he was married?

    Did she mention how she drove by their home and went to Rob’s school trying to convenice him to be with her? When rejected she has her friend contact the wife, she mention that too? Why didnt Jennifer reach out to thw wife when ahe intitially inquired about it vs 2 months later and AFTER being rejected by rob?

    Her letter stated her intent of the letter was to get back Rob since she did not give her 5 minutes. Did jennifer mention the judge who went off on her when she tried to file a protective order? The judge told her that her letter was vendicitve and that she had no
    reason to send it. Her intentions were clear in the letter and just to hurt the spouse who didnt lie to jennifer.

    Jennifer should have directed her issues to the married husbnd. Furthermore, jennifer should address these issues directly with the person vs sending her co workers or friends to do her dirty work. And if rejected by a married man why attack the wife with a hate letter? How is that the wife’s fault?

    Regrdess of who lied, jennifer became aware of his martial status, continued a relationship with him. I didnt see one text about love or them being together so why did she have a package delivered to the wife with her nasty letter? Is Jennifer that dumb? Insult the wife because the married man rejecred her?

    Crazy wife she might be but you dont know her so how can you judge the wife lisa?

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