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This “woman” is a cheat, in one year she has cheated on 2 different men and is now involved in a relationship with a MARRIED man!!!!!! I am sick and disgusted by her cheap behavior and complete disregard for a marriage that involves children. She put out mimes on facebook about liking big dicks and not caring about women who try to hold on to their marriage after cheating has occurred, I can only hope KARMA comes after her and she gets what she deserves



4 thoughts on “JENNIFER BRESLIN”

  1. Do you want to hear about another dirty w****? The look up the fat and ugly Lucy Kiperman. She loves to f*** married men and women. Her birthday is on January, 10th. 1974.

  2. …

  3. Why do people do this when they have kids? Isn’t it time to worry about them not being a pervert?

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