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Jackie Konnerth and Tony Flors, Parma and Cleveland Ohio area.

The following two people are liars, cheaters and scam artists. They both have had multiple marriages where they scam their exes and took them for everything, abandoned their children and step-children and made them homeless. These two have been together since high school and have created the perfect crime where they marry others but continue to have an affair with each other, get divorces, get all the money the destroy innocent peoples lives while they get rich and go on vacations and run around the Cleveland Ohio AA meetings and claim to be good sober honest christian people. Both of these people are mentally ill and unstable, are violent and have been able to run this scam successfully as they have friends in powerful places who also run these scams on others also. Both of these people have criminal backrounds with stalking, harrassment, and drunk driving. I would be very wary of these subhuman souless soul suckers as they go after weak and fragile people that are easily manipulated. Currently they are now both married to each other and are going around trash talking their kids and exes of prior marriages to make people feel bad for them and so they now continue their scams on people that are in recovery, the elderly and people that are easily controlled. If you live in the northeastern Ohio area and attend AA I would call central office and report these people to the police as they are mental unstable and dangerous people that should not be in public.


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