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Is he cheating?

I have been dating him going on 4 years, but has me blocked on Facebook, right from the beginning. Hides his phone and that’s locked up too? Takes phone every time in bathroom and could spend 20 minutes to a half hour in there. Come out not smelling like nothing?? Turns phone off when sitting in same room or keeps phone in pocket?? I accuse him almost everyday that there is someone else , but calls me a nut , and that its all in my head?? Is it all in my head??


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5 thoughts on “Is he cheating?”

  1. I learned my lesson the hard way and will never date anyone again who is hides their phone, blocks me on FB or won’t post pictures of us together, won’t invite me to their house, or just feels wrong. Everyone deserves their privacy and I would not go snooping, but ask yourself if you want to be in a relationship like that. Maybe he is cheating and maybe he is not. He could be secretive for many reasons, but if you are not comfortable, get out of the relationship. There are a lot of guys (and gals) who have profiles online for dating who are married. My situation ended with me hiring a private investigator only to find out that the person who said he “loved me” had a fiance and a toddler with her. I deserve better and so do you. The next guy I dated knew upfront that I won’t serious with someone who doesn’t invite me to their house. He used the excuse that his sister was living with him and she wasn’t always a nice person. That lasted for 2 months and I stopped seeing him. I’m not saying that your boyfriend is cheating, but he is hiding something that you are not comfortable about. Time to move on.

  2. No its not all in ur head my ex Adrienne Nicole McDermott who left me to be with a child molester Shawn graupner did the same thing all because I went down for a severe back injury and I was unable to work do to my injury

  3. This is not a healthy relationship. If he is being that secretive then it’s over. If you are asking then you need to go. Self respect time.

  4. Erica’s got a point. That’s a red flag. If his heart is really in the relationship, there’d be no need to keep secrets from you. Blocking you on Facebook means that he has something to hide from you. You can get out while you still can. It’s best to not stick around. He’s not worth it.

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