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His name was Steve Gramlich – New York

His name is Steve Gramlich and let me tell you what he will do:
He will tell you he lives a separate life from the wife Then regal you with non-stop “his soul be burning” poetry
He will tell you that she does not understand me (oooh she does – you are not the first, you won’t be the last)
He will tell you how abusive she is and that she hits him (new code word for blackballing wife: bipolar)
He will tell you that he is a deeply loving man (Reality: a boy that likes to play with feelings)
He will bedazzle you with other poets’ words (though he will not say that he doesn’t even understand ½ the words I read – but you won’t know that)
He will treat you as if we were meant to be (the pursuit is his game)
If you are married (his preference) he will help destroy that with promises
When you finally give in and love him back he will act like an ahole (won’t leave you though till I got another fish on the hook)
He will of a sudden let you know that he is a 300lb, confused old man (I will try to make you feel sorry for me with a tale of how I could never love)
Then he will tell you in so many words that it was all your fantasy (um-uh 300lb, wheezy p****-whipped man)
He will insist that you be friends cause though he totally screwed you – hey we could meet and f*** every few months (around my schedule of course
His name is Steve Gramlich and he will find you, gain your trust then destroy you…all the while letting you believe that loving me was totally YOUR choice. He is Steve and he will be your hearts’ nightmare.
This post is not “sour-grapes” or “obsession” – this jerk happened to me and others’ – and he will continue to do this too others. It hurt like hell being manipulated, and yes I deservedly lost any little bit I had – don’t let it be you (I wasn’t the first – I won’t be the last – so spare yourself.) And if you run into this “boy” – do your internet homework – he is an a-typical TROLL in every sense of the word.


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