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Gombal Javier Suarez, New Jersey

Hi I was in a relationship with this man, who eventually became my fiance. He is from PR and moved here to Rochester, NY in 2010-2011 with his gf who became pregnant with twins shortly after they met. Without getting into details, he has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. AND makes excuses as to WHY. First wife did it to him, he never loved his children’s mom, he was actively drinking and “blacked out”. This man has Narcissistic Personality disorder, sexual addictions and alcoholism and does not know how to be alone. He always needs someone to admire him, shower him with affection, and tirelessly give him the adulation he craves. At first, he is handsome, charismatic, romantic, a “Prince Charming”, will whisper sweet romantic nothings in your ear (and make you believe he is sincere), he will look at you and tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Then once you’re hooked, the abuse starts slowly and gradually. He is verbally/mentally abusive, manipulative, sneaky/secretive, a compulsive liar (he even believes his own lies), sex addict and a MAJOR cheater (he cheated on me the most out of anyone – he cheated several dozens of times while I was away in the military). The moment you step foot out of the door he has no one to attend to his every desire. So he jumps on porn sites and any social media so he can flirt/sext in order to have his emptiness quenched. He will even drink to the point of belligerence then drive your car to cheat on you!!! He needs someone to tell him he’s handsome, he has a sexy body, etc. He is not capable of living without it. He is the most toxic man I’ve ever been in a relationship with. He is self-seeking, selfish and lacks empathy. He has no impulse control and makes hasty life altering decisions on a whim! The moment he’s done with one woman, he will run and find his next victim. He will even be scouting out his next one while he’s still in a relationship with you! He will use dating websites mostly, but will find almost anyone out in the public to fulfill the desperate need to feel loved. He is uncomfortable being without “love” and uses his victims for his own hidden agenda/self fulfillment. Good luck if you see this man, he’s nice on the eyes but it’s SO not worth it, so RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. He will literally drain you of any life you have left in you, if any, by the time he’s finished with you. You won’t even know who you are anymore by the time you blink and he’s gone just as fast as he appeared into your life.


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