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Francesco Giroldini is a sexist fuckboy with STD, New York

He contacted me on okcupid. We went on a few dates and I thought he was serious, until the day after we had sex, he started insulting and offending me by calling my hair and clothing smelly, informed me he tested positive for STD, then blocked me. When I confronted him and asked for an apology he refused to do so by saying “I wasn’t being offensive and I can’t apologize because it’s the truth that your hair smells. And I wasn’t being dishonest about STD, I was only being inaccurate. I was hoping by telling you your hair stinks, you will come to conclusion that I don’t want to see you anymore.”
The disturbing thing is that this morally corrupted guy works on children’s movies.
PS: I forgot to kick him in the balls. The option is open to all of you.


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