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Eric Maricelli, Southern California – genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea & syphilis

Eric Scott Maricelli D.O.B. 7/16/1971, Burbank Airport Firefighter and USMC officer has genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. He knowingly exposes and has infected several women in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, California areas. He can’t keep it up with a condom on due to years of steroid and drug abuse so he’ll just give someone a disease instead so he can get his rocks off. He’s a womanizer and a liar. Someone needs to stop him!



27 thoughts on “Eric Maricelli, Southern California – genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea & syphilis”

  1. Woe! I dodged a bullet with that guy. He was very pushy and inconsiderate. I’m not surprised.

  2. Anyone stupid enough to sleep with a guy that buys you stuffed animals for gifts and takes you on dates to Subway and Boomers deserves what you get. He’s obviously immature and playing his firehouse games. Wise up ladies!

  3. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON! He is DANGEROUS. He doesn’t respect women. He thinks no means yes and stop means go. He does whatever he pleases himself with no respect for you and your preferences, especially in the bedroom. He forced himself on me once and I never saw him again.


  4. Everything I have read is true. I dated him and he was abusive and cheated on me the entire time. His cheating was so bad that his own friends would come to me in confidence concern for my safety! He was manipulative when he tried to fix the situation and tricked me into doing things I didn’t want to do several times. I was afraid of his temper and violent outbursts. He would scream at me and intimidate me if I didn’t agree with what he said immediately but then look at me and demand an answer that I knew would cause another outburst of I was honest. Then he would call me horrible names when the truth came out later. He showed up at my house screaming and yelling at my friends and family members after I told him to leave me alone. I even had a file to get a restraining order against him. He turns everything into a competition, even his love life. He never takes no for an answer!

  5. Wow… I just looked up a guy who contacted me from years back who seemed suspicion. I googled him and MY GAWD he was here!!!! I blocked him and am THANKFUL for this site!!! We need to stick together!!!!

  6. This guy is an manipulative narcissist. He only cares about himself and treats women horribly. He uses women for money, sex, errands, dog sitting, etc. Thinks he’s entitled to it when you have to put a bag over his head to look at him. Then he’ll say he doesn’t care what people think about him when decent humans confront his behavior.

  7. I dated this guy. I thought we were building something but come to find out he was sleeping with at least two other women at the same time as me. He never bothered to share this information and the fact that he wasn’t using protection with anyone! When I confronted him about it he turned it around and attacked me! He said it was my fault he cheated, I want good enough, he could date fitness models, rich women, etc.

    It was ridiculous. He showed no remorse whatsoever for misleading and lying to me about out situation or how he made me feel and in fact made efforts to rub salt in the open cuts he’d made. Eric Maricelli is a sociopath!

  8. Eric Maricelli is a deadbeat Dad!

  9. Ha ha ha! I ran into this douchebag a couple months back and he never stopped talking about himself the entire time. His diet, his exercise, his supplements, how he’s so accomplished, has the best of everything. He didn’t figure out I wasn’t responding to him for quite a while. Then there was this long pause where you could tell he was trying to figure out what went wrong. Ha ha ha! Dumba$$! And this has got to be a really old picture! His face fell down since this was taken. I’d guess this was snapped at least 10 years ago.

  10. ???????? ????his face fell down ????????????

  11. LMFAO! Not only does this guy use women for pretty much everything he needs in life but he’s also TERRIBLE IN BED! THE WORST LAY EVER. The reason he has so many ex’s is because his idea of a great sexual experience is ZERO foreplay and then dry, aggressive pounding for as long as humanly possible. If you get so lucky as to get close to a climax he loves to ruin *** hitting/spanking/slapping you as hard as possible right in the middle of what little pleasure you get out of the experience. He’s touchy and grabby almost constantly. He was always grabbing both my muscles and my fat. He’s not even sly about it. He was obviously evaluating my body instead of pleasing it. If you have more than 10% body fat on your body he will find it and pinch it during sex. And if you don’t have any body image issues when you start dating him, you definitely will by the time you stop dating him.

    It is 100% true that he cannot keep it up with a condom on. That’s why he refuses to use them. He can only finish himself in one way and that’s probably from the steroid use because it’s not normal.

    When we dated I would leave his place and go straight to someone else’s so that I might finish also. Eric wasn’t too concerned about my pleasure. He’s lost in his own world and doesn’t even know what he wants. At first it seemed like he might be willing to experiment or try new things but that quickly turned into the same three sexual positions on a constant basis. So I could see why other women would hit the door when they got sick of being someone’s personal assistant for no other benefits then some rough missionary. That’s what happened to me.

    He didn’t give me an STD but we weren’t together very long. I would believe he has something but not all of these things. He really can’t maintain any romantic relationship for longer than a few months and he is a HUGE CHEATER. He didn’t even make an effort to hide it from me when we were dating so I just dated other people also. He’s almost 50 years old now so just some rough math would tell you how many people he’s been with in his life. He would obviously catch something at some point in time….. Especially, because he doesn’t use protection.

    P.S. Just my own opinion but needs to take care of the kids he’s responsible for. There is no excuse for that.

  12. Yah yah. Track your IP addresses also.

  13. Have you ever seen the animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast? I think it came out in the 90’s. Don’t be fooled by the years of practice he’s had mimicking social cues and decent behavior to manipulate others and get his own way. Eric Maricelli is the quintessential Gaston character.

  14. Is that Eric Scott Maricelli threatening to abuse and mistreat women again? Why am I not surprised?

  15. I am a long time friend of his and he is NOT riddled with stds nor is he a dead beat dad it’s REALLY sad and pathetic that you go to ALL this troupe to make fake profiles and comment on every post you make on various sites. It’s ironic they all say the same things but are from different women. Have you gotten examined for schizophrenia or other mental illness ?? If not I highly recommend it . You are a pathetic girl that needs to grow up.

  16. Did this chick really just say that this guy is not an epic douchebag because all the women are saying the same thing? So because it happened to multiple people it must mean that it never actually happened at all? There must be a typo in there somewhere. Please explain Bailey.

  17. It’s pretty simple. You’re his physco ex that has some serious mental issues and comes on here pretending to use different names. Seriously stop copying and pasting the same s*** from this page and posting it to another site and TRY using a different name to seem like multiple women.SEEK COUNSELLING YOU HAVE SELLS MENTAL ILLNESS.

  18. I’m his ex? No. I’m sorry sweetie, I’m married and never dated men. I was simply reading the thread and needed clarification. Apparently, if you post on this thread it changes your sexuality? As an uninvolved person it’s pretty apparent who the problem is here. There are multiple people reporting the same experiences over several years of time and then there is your story that I am a person creating fake accounts and posting comments simply for asking a question about your typos. You’ve made several bold statements about mental illness when I’m pretty convinced you’re not a mental health professional. You’ve even insinuated that someone might be schizophrenic which is a very serious, deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide and not an insult. Therefore offending another group of innocent people besides all these others. If you are the person defending this douchebag you’re not helping his case with your lack of tack and malice. I side with anyone but Bailey and judge that all of these statements are most likely true.

  19. In order to to considered a “Deadbeat Dad” I would ask:

    1. Is there a child in existence that you do not financially contribute to?
    2. Is there a child in existence that you do not visit, keep in contact with or otherwise have a relationship with?
    3. Is there a child in existence that that you are responsible for but not taking responsibility for?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, kind of, maybe, or I can explain then yes, he would be a Deadbeat Dad by anyone’s standards.

  20. This guy is a HUGE LIAR and CHEATER! He’s says he’s so busy all the time but calls you at 9:00 on a Tuesday expecting you to come over within an hour playing it off like everything is casual but really he’s just moving down a list. If you don’t do what he wants, in the time frame he wants it in, he gives you the cold shoulder, withdrawals and ignores your attempts at communication. He also likes to creep off in a different room or bathroom and get on his iPhone. He really is a d***! Now that I read some of these other comments it all makes prefect sense.

  21. I’m not involved but it seems obvious to me that these posts were written by a variety of different people. Grammar, mannerisms, spelling all varieties with with post. So there must be some truth in it somewhere. Surely this guy must know since he said he was go to track everyone’s IP address above so he’ll figure it out. And Bailey, you might be a stalker.

  22. I should have googled this guy before I got involved with him. Looks like he’s had the same pattern for years and continues it.

    I’ve learned my lesson.

  23. Was dating this guy…. Phone was always going offal day and even in the middle of the night. Come to find it he’s not only sleeping with another woman, but she’s less than half his age! She was in diapers while he was in the military. Now I know why he prefers women who have children. Disgusting pervert.

  24. This guy cheated on me four days ago saying he was going out of town on a trip on the east coast come to find out he went to visit his Ex Wife And Girlfriend he met 6 weeks ago on a dating site called POF!!!!!! This Erick Guy is a liar cheater and has about 50 STDs that he swears he don’t have ! This JERK is a muscle bound Freak and if you get too close to him he might even come to your house and hunt you down threatning to beat you up!!!! I had to file a restraining order on him a few weeks ago while he was stalking me from my home!! STAY AWAY from this Physco!!!!

  25. To make things worse Eric was sleeping with 4 of my friends who attend the same school as them and has treated them the same or in FACT Worst!!!!! I’m now out 4500$ for ALL the test’s he made me go through and shovel out from Dr bills Ect !!!! WOMEN PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY STALKER ERIC MARICELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sounds like nothing has changed in the past twenty years and he’s determined to go through life alone because he doesn’t know the definition of loyalty or family. That’s unfortunate for both him and the people he victimizes. I will be praying for a resolution to these issues even if that resolution may not be in Eric’s best interest. There should be resolution to disrupt his pattern of behavior. In the meantime these forums are a great tool to empower women so they protect themselves from these type of abusers. Everyone needs to work together in order to unmask the façade of the narcissist.

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