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Ellen Schaeffer, lying stalking psychopath

This woman is DANGEROUS! Don’t get caught up in her web of lies. She will come on too fast then go nuts when it ends. She will attempt to ruin your life, making up ridiculous and preposterous stories, even going so far as to print them and spread the lies in your neighborhood. BE WARNED!



2 thoughts on “Ellen Schaeffer, lying stalking psychopath”

  1. Do you want to her about another dirty w****? Then look up the fat and ugly b**** name Lucy Kiperman. She loves to f*** married men and women. Her birthday is on January, 10. 1974. She works at Sam’s club in Florida.

  2. Lucy Kiperman likes to use this site to say things that are not correct. She lies and gets people in trouble and makes things worst. That is awful. She has no heart. She does not even know the people.

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