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Elizabeth Saville Easton,PA -Homewrecker

Elizabeth Saville is an amoral home wrecker. She carried on an affair with a married man. When he left her to work things out with his wife she wasn’t to be deterred. Six years later she was at it and after him again. For the way four and a half years she carried on with him, sleeping with him in her parents home, the bed he shared with his wife, and anywhere she could. She was prepared always carrying a bag of condoms and a towel with her. Give this girl a Girl Scout badge!! Then when she was caught the coward tried to deny knowing him. Too bad his wife had the cell records to prove it and an admission of everything from her husband. Not to be deterred she tried to get him to leave his wife and three kids. Joke is on her though. He would rather be alone that saddled with her


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