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Elizabeth Call

Not only has this cheater/liar ended up on the dirty but naive people are still defending her & she is calling the post defaming of her name. Too bad for her, the post is actually all TRUE, so how is it defamatory? On to the juicy deets…this girl was 18 when she got pregnant and since she slept with half the city of Augusta she didn’t know who’s baby she was carrying! She kept the baby because someone told her she could tie down the man and money & told five different guys they were the father of her child. She is also only with her fiancé because she’s a golddigger & when she heard he was military, she heard cha-ching $$$ especially since she is on welfare & can’t afford anything, doesn’t try and hold a job like the rest of us, and posts drunk pictures on her Facebook while she is a mom. She is class A embarrassing! She has a bad rep because she made one for herself, no one did it for her.



1 thought on “Elizabeth Call”

  1. Ugly a** b****!!! I bet she has no a**, flat like a pancake!!!

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