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Edwin Hernandez

Edwin Hernandez is a cheater and a liar. He hooked up with me while he was delivering mail. His wife is a dumb b**** if she believes he will ever be faithful. He keeps coming back for more. There are so many other girls he’s been busted over doesn’t she get it he’s only with her for the kids!



2 thoughts on “Edwin Hernandez”

  1. Wow. Your bashing the wife?! And your the other woman.? Your just gross. Despicable

  2. I agree, you call her a dumb b? Think! Who is he with! He is using the kids, her and you!!! His wife is his wife! your just a quick peace of a,, that can’t find a man of her own! So, get over your self, stop helping him destroy his family! If you think your his “love”? Then go to his house and face them both together! Ask him to make a choice! His wife? Or you? My guess is you will find him throwing you to the curb! And I hope his wife kicks him right there on the curb with you! Want to see a dumb b? Look in the mirror

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