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Delta, Iowa Fire Department (many of them)

This crew drunkenly goes on the two or three calls per year they get. They do not do the training they say they do. They also put those in charge that openly harm others (isn’t there a code of ethics)? Todd is in charge. He goes along with the lies of his asst., Jim Carey, who spreads venereal disease and lies about having the virus that causes warts down there. It’s a good thing there are numerous messages to people confirming he does have it. Tony Ingle is another asst. and, from the sounds of it, knows about this, but turns the other cheek. I would not trust this crew showing up and, wouldn’t trust that they use grant money appropriately. Someone needs to check them over really good. Don’t donate a dime to them! I do feel sorry for the decent ones on that department. They need to out the three mentioned above!


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