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David Raucher, Texas – Lying Married Man

I want to set the record straight regarding my involvement with David Raucher. He lied to me and deceived me and as a result I have suffered the worst year of my adult life thus far. David Raucher approached me, telling me he was separated from his wife and that they were getting divorced. When we met, I was 22-years old and he was 46. He seemed like the perfect man – brilliant, supportive, observant, and atentive. I fell so hard for him! I had no reason to not believe him as he was working and living during the work week in Houston, Texas and his wife was living and working in Dallas, Texas. Thus, I believed David and felt confident that when he approached me for a romantic relationship that he was indeed separated. After we had sex and spent the night together on Valentine’s day, David Raucher took a trip to Dallas to visit his wife. While he was there, I texted him at 1 AM and his wife intercepted the text. When she confronted me about the text and I asked David Raucher about it, he again assured me that they were divorcing, that she must have stolen his phone out of his room since they were not sharing a room, and that I was the best thing that ever happened to him so to please believe him. I did believe him and we were already deeply in love. David and I spent the night together after his return to Houston and he asked me to move into his apartment with him. I loved him so much and was so happy to begin our life together! Only, his wife kept harassing us, calling at all hours of the day and night. David told me how crazy she was and assured me over and over again that they were getting divorced but that his wife was just having a hard time letting go. He even made an appointment with the rabbi to discuss getting the rabbi’s help with securing the divorce. Then, after two months, when it became apparent that David Raucher was indeed lying to me and wasn’t getting divorced, I returned his key to him in order to give him the space he needed to choose between his wife or me. Even then, he continued to tell me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to always be there for me. But then, his wife sent me screenshots of truly horrible things David Raucher told her about me! Still, David Raucher kept telling me how he loved me and I was willing to forgive it all because I loved him with so much love! Only, he never did leave his wife. I feel so used.
I have been horribly hurt by David Raucher’s lies. He has apologized for involving me in their marital issues and for involving me in his wife’s craziness. He has also admitted to having multiple other affairs, not only on this wife but on previous wives. I’m here to warn all other women – David Raucher is a deceitful womanizer! He is living proof that if someone looks too good to be real, they aren’t real!


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