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David Martinovich wi, ms, az, nm, fl narcassist junkie woman beater!

David Lee Martinovich is a narcassistcheating and lying drug addict who abandoned his live in girlfriend fiance of almost 6 years …was to call her back in one hour and that was in Sept of 2016 …never contacting again …had not been arguing aND david had recently made promises and plans of where will live next and to marry finallly…aND he dId so at very worst time as she was very sick and after not going into dr as plan was that afternoon she was worried and did not want to miss his call..waited a week ..n near organ failure due to waiting as worried for him now has major health issues n a long road ahead …alone with added trauma of abandonment ! David is wanted in pearl river cty ms , Torrington wy, c.c., tx and soon likely if not already in phoenix az..mosr are drug related …as he is a junkie aND manufactures as well …hI story of running from the law abd abandoning ..a coward who avoids at all cost no matter who is hurt or suffers great losses and suffering in the process as his only care and concern is himself …though in az it wouid be child support related as has had no relationship with then leaving them years ago abd owes ten thousand plus in support …davids Rap sheat aND jail and prison history is extensive and includes stealing . Abd domestic abuse …lots of…aND his now ex has extensive documentation …sms …court records and pictures as well. David being a narcassist .,no matter how nice and authentuc appears during honeymoon stage is about supply…woman supporting him while he cheats on them with anything and anyone and everyone he can get …a porn addict …not watcher of but addict …he is about himself and will have sex wit himself …women ….has tried hooking uo with Trans aND described relations with men …as well as groups …erc…david is an drug user that uses needles and does not practice safe sex…he also will take and take from you as spends money ..he has never worked …spends your money besides on webcam porn …very cheap hookers …his now ex he has beat and strangled near death and beat her with her suffering an additional loss ..u can put two and two together and figure what additional horrific atrocitie lost …hmmm..and DavI’d has stated on numerous occasions he picks supply a he has low self esteem aND has had desires to hurt …hmmm…woman and picks ones low in life ..being to both make him feel needed …of value aND should situation present itself when he is desiring they are ones no one would miss!


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