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David Bremiller Jr New York State

David Bremiller Jr is a 21 yr old player! He lives in the Lockport New York area. He lies and abuses his girlfriend’s. Is know to have multiple girls jumps from women to women. He says his family is physcos. But instead he is the one who is crazy. He has a warrant for his arrest in PA for drugs and public intoxication where he tried get a girl and her boyfriend to have a threesome. He was arrested for a DWI and recently another drug charges. He prays on young single mothers with small children so that he can manipulate them. And once he moves in at first he’s nice and sweet then he starts becoming abusive and controlling. Stalking their every move. His family has tried to get him help and he refuses and uses manipulation on anyone who will listen. He has robbed his neighbor, and families to buy his drugs. He smokes pot crack cocaine and numerous other drugs!! All parents befowarned! KEEP HIM AWAY FROM YOUR DAUGHTER’S!!!!!


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