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Crystal Miller, Florida

Knew her for 20 years. She was my dream girl. I reconnected invited her to come visit me in Connecticut. We seemed to hit it off pretty well. She begged me to move back home too florida so I did I walked away from my job, my security sold what I couldn’t take with me and moved without hesitation. 2 months in she started acting shady. Spending more time away than at home. Found out she was talking about me behind my back to her abusive children’s father. Then out of the blue it was over I was left with nothing actually went homeless. Come to find out she wants to work things out with her children’s father. She’s done nothing but lie about the situation and i know she was sleeping with him. She would borrow money from him and meet him at the corner store for the money and would spend an hour making herself pretty to go get some cash? Right! She’s a closet alcoholic and lied about that she’s a recovering addict even though I think she’s back on drugs but she lies about every bit of it.


Author: Anonymous

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