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Christopher Champney from Bedford Massachusetts

Christopher Champney from Bedford Massachusetts is a liar, sex addict and stalker. This man is a sexual addict who has accounts in different hookup and dating websites to meet women to have sex with them. He will force you to have sex with him even if you don’t want to because forcing a woman makes him more excited. This man would have 3 to 4 sexual partners at the same time, and the worst thing is that the disgusting pig doesn’t use condoms so he has infected many women with STD,s. In top of that the man is a racist, Makes despicable comments of non white people calling them savages and people with low IQ. He uses his 96 year old grandma to make himself look good to girls to sleep with them, he would show you pictures of him and his grandma hanging out like the “great”grandson that he is. If you sleep with him once and don’t want to see him again, he will stalk you for a couple months until he gets obsessed with another girl. There a lot more things to say about this man but this is enough. This man is currently 30 years old and lives in Arlington and works in Burlington, ma. If you ever have the misfortune of meeting him run away from him because you will only get a disease and abuse from him.


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