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Cheating, Lying Short D&#K man…in Northern Ohio

Mike B. from Northern Ohio…decided to marry a nice lady who was in a vulnerable position and made all kinds of promises and basically lied his a** off. So when she found numerous emails and texts he had sent to different woman along with pictures of his tiny p**** imagine how upsetting it was then he denies the dates on said messages as if she was blind. He continued the same crap and proceeded to deal drugs and then decided he was a meth head. Of course he blames everything on her and even had the nerve to tell strangers that she was the druggy, but he didn’t realize she kept all the messages and had pictures of him smoking on his meth pipe. What a winner. 46 year old dirt bag loser. Has 2 dogs she had to take care of because he left them in cage all the time which is how she felt being stuff in the coffin like apartment…BEWARE


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