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Cheater Frank Rybicki invites his escort for New Years 2015

I lost everything to him and it was planned from day one. I am a single mother rendered virtually helpless after being asked to leave our hotel room because his escort was on her way to replace me on New Years Eve. He robbed me of every last dime I had and then wrote terrible things about me on Craigslist as I struggled to survive in Denver. He lives in Arvada today with the woman he discarded his wife for and he cheats on her daily. He admits that he never loved his wife or anyone for that matter. His wife is aware of additional flings he had during the marriage and I continue to persue justice for certain individuals who contributed to the abuse she tolerated.



38 thoughts on “Cheater Frank Rybicki invites his escort for New Years 2015”

  1. You were never married u toothless method head. Go leave your child and rob his parents on a rug bindge u garbage

  2. “Patricia” or Frank?

    That’s it? That’s his insult? Why does he have a girls name? He’s too scared to say who he is because he’s embarrassed?

  3. I agree with Patricia! Frank is a no good toothless garbage man and he was never married to her. Frankly, Frank is crazy for picking a hooker over his wife!

  4. I remember playing golf at the driving range and then we had ice cream too. I had so much fun with you but I guess I should cut my losses after seeing this. Wow Frank! What did you do this to her for?!

  5. Good one my friend! I agree with Patricia too although that post is confusing as hell. Would it be wrong to ask for clarification on that comment? I bet it’s downright hurtful once it’s translated.

    It seems to have potential though….

  6. You still have an honesty problem

  7. I agree that you may have a problem telling the truth.

  8. You cheated on my mommy? I hope it’s the only bad thing you did to her. I don’t see her anymore and that makes me sad, why did you take our home away? You make my mommy sad Frank!

  9. Damn man! She told me about this and I forgot about it until earlier when she mentioned it. But you got to admit it. She’s kind of right, isn’t she? You weren’t coming home at night always and it sounds like you played lots of games with her. She should have been breaking up with you.

  10. I know exactly who this guy is. I know him from Instagram and he’s a big phony liar. Good for you hun.

  11. Kally and Frank were never married…so lie #1. Lie #2 is a lie of omission, as she’ll never admit to being caught up with, and even encouraging his lying, stealing ways. This girl is in no way to be believed nor trusted. She dumped her own son off to run cross country with a wanted man….classy post, Kally. People, know who is posting before you blindly believe their story. Anonymous- (Kally Geddings) is a vindictive woman…she’s posting half truths, which are also half lies…out of spite, not to alert others.

  12. Really? Are you people crazy? She’s a lier. Anyone who would use there son to post a commmet is delusional. Secondly….they were never married. This is just a case of girl who wants boy back & boy doesn’t want them

  13. And a four year old isn’t capable of writing such a comment…lay off the drugs and perhaps you will have your son back…get a job and a vehicle and get mental are harassing his ex, his family, posting lies….no one cares you got burned bc the person you are doesn’t deserve happiness….how well could it have went when you are incapable of being mentally stable?

  14. And clearly u had nothing to lose as it unemployed, and do not even have a car what a winner

  15. Did this guy really do this though? What a trip! I’d kick his a** girl!

  16. Don’t feel sorry for this heroin addicted meth head who abandoned her four year old son to be homeless and rob people with frank to support her drug habit!!hes a liar a thief and living in a hotel getting high every day!!!!!

  17. I meant she not he!!! Kally Geddings!!! The toothless meth addicted hotel living jobless carless homeless childess manless skank who chooses needles over her kid!!!!!!

  18. Did I foregt to mention she Robb’s people for drugs?? Stole his families car…generator…tv…..

  19. And a four year old is uncabable of writing that above post and franks not his daddy go on Maury to find the results on that one!!!!!!!

  20. My mommy abandoned me to run across country. Why did you leave me mommy? I am so sad that you left me to go and do drugs and steal from people. Why didn’t you try to help Frank? You helped him do drugs and steal. You posted on your blog that I love Frank and I still do. Please come back to me, mommy, I miss you.

  21. 90% of this website is ran by vindictive people that never got their way in the relationship and are just trying to ruin others’ names. Give it up people. Whoever posted this needs the help, not the person it was posted about.

  22. I am absolutely sickened by the posts from mostly Men and some Women actually looking for someone to cheat on their spouse with. Seriously, how can you even look at yourself in the mirror?

    I understand that relationships don’t always go how we envision, even in a marriage. And I get that some can’t or don’t want to put in the work required to make a marriage work; but are you saying that not only are you a really lazy m*********** who has no intention of working on your marriage- you are so absolutely disgusting that you are posting on Craigslist to find someone besides your spouse to f*** because your to spineless to leave???

    Do you have any f****** idea how much it hurts to find out your spouse has cheated on you??

    Why don’t you grow a f****** pair, put on your grownup pants and get a divorce? Then you can f*** all the skeezy people you want!

    S*** this is a novel idea- maybe if you invested as much effort into your marriage as you are into finding some strange- maybe your marriage might work!!?

    I hope the poor husbands and wives that you are betraying find out what total pieces of s*** you all are and realize they are waaay better off without your sorry asses.

    Karma is a b**** and I would pay money to watch you all get yours. Seriously…what a bunch of f****** assholes.

  23. Cometsly agreed…there are always more sided to a story that’s why I hate sites like this…look at the girl who posted this, she was never married met frank on Craigslist where they began doing stuff together she abandoned her four year old to rob and steal from people to support her habit…he left her and now she’s a victim…ppl who create these posts are weak….and full of it looking for pitty

  24. Mommy, where are you? Pleases top being so bad to me. Come to me. A boy needs his mommy when he is young or he might grow up to hate women. Please come be with me. You ruined Frank, you are now ruining me. Please help me mommy. Come back to me and take care of me. Stop being so selfish only taking care of yourself. Take care of me, your little boy.

  25. Frank.. I live with my son and his father is my boyfriend. Is that f****** ok with you?

  26. First of all, I’m a lawyer and you are common law married in the State of Iowa. It has been followed up on and technically, she could sue you for alimony, Frank. Secondly, I’m well aware of the physical abuse that she endured aside of the embarrassing ways in which you leave her stranded when you have tantrums and I know that on one occasion you punched her in the face so hard, you almost broke her nose and left her stranded at the mall in Denver with no shoes on for hours because you feared arrest for what you had done. Third, nothing you say excuses the way you ever treated her over New Years or any other day of your life. I have seen and heard of terrible things you did to Connie’s daughter and I’m absolutely floored by the nerve you have in posting anything like the things you have said here.

    I have no doubt that this nice young lady was deeply in love with you and I very much think that you took the good thing you had going for you and treated it with complete disregard. Her blog outlines extremely abusive behavior and since I can tell that the things she went thru are real, my heart is broken for her and her family.

    The boy is well-adjusted and he does great with social interaction. Kally is very much a part of his life, and she deserves to be. Whatever you do to try to justify your actions reflects poorly on you. Again, I am astounded by your senseless actions and repulsive behavior towards her AND her son, and one day it will all catch up with you. I have no problem assisting her legally if she continues to have negative experiences, so one way or another, the non-sense is going to come to an end. From where I stand, she is a victim and if I was still in practice, I can tell you right now that you would be in an incredible amount of legal trouble. You still can be as a matter of a fact, so please, walk away while you still have whatever it is you have. You should not be complaining. You have no idea how long you can go to jail for trying to kill someone and I could make some things very bad for you. It would be in your best interest to ask for forgiveness or at least make yourself invisible. You are VERY lucky you weren’t charged criminally for most of the things you did to her. Truly, that’s something else I think you take for granted. I wouldn’t.

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHA! A lawyer posting on a deadbeat website where vindictive people post lies.

  28. You all need to stop. Some of you need to stop replying to Kally. Kally needs to stop being vindictive. If you are living with your son and boyfriend, why do you dedicate so much time to Frank? Mr lawyer(if you really are) needs to stop. Kally implicated herself in her blogs. If anything she says about Frank were true and you want to ” make some things very bad for [Frank]” learn the whole story, and the things she has admitted to stealing and helping him with. If you are a lawyer, I doubt your company would like to know that you are “talking tough” on a second rate website. If you are a lawyer, you can explain to Kally that harassing people, even online and through email, is wrong to and she can get in trouble for that to.
    Everyone needs to just stop.

  29. I’m personally done here. Most of the comments here are complete b*******. I have nothing to prove and I don’t give a f***. If frank wants to be a man he can ask for my help. This relationship was such a headache and I feel like this site glorifies him. I left Frank because he was on herion ok?? It not funny. I was devastated. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I gave a f*** about my marriage. Sue me. Talk s***. I don’t care. Just let me work and heal so I can rise above this. I let Frank go. I let go. Speak with each other all you want to. It’s been real.

  30. And Frank? That includes you. I’m done with you so please stop contacting my websites and stop emailing me. I moved on. I’m not trying to be a d*** here but I’m just not interested in you anymore.

  31. Besides, you cheated on her when you lived in Aurora with her with a girl named Alicia. Remember coming to my house with her and she introduced us? I started buying meth from you then and I’m pretty sure you met that b**** in Craigslist and she told me she was hooking up with you. She’s a hooker too so I guess you have a thing for hookers right Frank? Damn. You should apologize for the f***** up way you acted. My man is running the same game and I am starting to hate Adam too. F*** you Frank. You f***** up with kally.

  32. So Frank looks like your girls pretty much out of your life stupid. You are an idoit man. A full-blown douche. She’s a beautiful woman. Ok fine! My turn.

  33. Frank you have got to be the dumbest m*********** on the planet. I mean I know I never met you in person before and I think I’d rather not. The pint is I love dating your wife and you like dating cheap protitutes apparently. No one gives a f*** about you and your f***** up life. You know that you’re a big nobody and one day the world is going to laugh at you. So what if I f***** her when she was kicking it with me. Too bad you can’t remember where my tv is. Nice try dude. I would have just told you if you asks. BDSM? Nah. Didn’t happen you f****** retard. Madam secretary maybe but I promised to stay quiet on that. My word as man means something.

    Oh and you should apologize for raping her. I can tell it’s real. I deal with it. With you. Every day.

  34. Frank you’re a real piece of s***. You left some things at my house too. I burned them. F*** you amd whoever is making these stupid “pro Frank” comments. Is that your brother or you? Either way, your a liar. I agree.

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