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Chas Arredondo

This is what you call a Home Depot Hoe he’s been around multiple Home Depot in the South Bay Area f****** chicks left and right . He’s good at what he does will charm you and make you feel like your the only one until you realize & find out who he really is he got his last baby mama pregnant while he was dating another girl in a different Home Depot . He’s very disrespectful towards woman and pretends to be your friend he doesn’t care who he fucks a** long as they have a p**** he currently lives with his baby mama & daughter just beware of this caniving two timing a****** up to no good just shattering ppl at his own expense nobody deserves going thru what he puts chicks thru



2 thoughts on “Chas Arredondo”

  1. Lol this is too funny that he us on here.

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