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Category: Michigan


Alejandro Cruz

Alejandro cruz- Hes got 5babys with 5different girls plus one in texas 11years old another one in honduras 16years old also a ten year old here. He’s got a lot kids now since his a hoe man. Not paying child support for any of them. Cause he Denys all those baby’s he got from last…

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Alejandro Cruz, Pontiac Michigan

Crazy and explosive with wife..- alejandro cruz pontiac. Mich His crazy asss exploded on his wife just cause the movie was at 10:10 pm at the movies. His crazy pendejo self was yelling at her till they got home. She’s like, crazy culero needs to take bipolar pills. Or to get some help at a…

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Anne Rogers Anderson the Hag and Tommy Anderson the magician incest lover – Michigan

This Hag and her troll love to prey on weak individuals that experienced a childhood full of abuse. Hag and Troll’s tactics include manipulation, repeated phone calls to instill fear of exposure and cheap talk. The things that were said, smh. Hag opens the stank dungeon for any male that enters her house. She does…

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Benden drogas aqui. .

Aqua en LA apartmento spring lake village . De Pontiac .muchos Esta en drogas. Cocaenes. Atras de LA escuela. Muchos negros asen LA mary. Y afuera wuele a LA mary. Muy feo. Vale mas Que LA chota pueden limpiar LA jente Que benden y usa estos drogas feas. Y manejan sin valer LA inosente jente….

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