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Category: Liar Cheater Woman

Liar Cheater Woman

Mary Katherine Hicks Calisti, Kansas

Cheated on her husband with his best friend. Got a divorce because she suddenly realized she was “hot” to other men. Then had sex with her youngest son’s martial arts instructor. Went back to husband to get her overdue bills paid then moved out again. Filed for divorce. Started dating ex criminal school buddy. Started…

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Katia Assma benaissa, U.K.

Katia Assma Benaissa is a prostitute molester who grew up hearing voices! She claimed they were from the Holy Spirit Because the voices always told her that her life calling was prostitution She got told that as a kid and grew up praying to the Holy Spirit excited about her destiny! She molested her little…

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Sociopath Warning THIS CHICK IS A SOCIOPATH! WARNING. If you have ever watched the movie GONE GIRL, which is about a couple where the husband made the mistake of cheating on his wife, then you know that the wife is a sociopath (psychopath really). She will create a thought in her head, whether or not…

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