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Bryan Newcomb – serial liar, cheater, manipulator

He has a history of cheating on every woman he has ever been with. He has a well known reputation in the Lee Memorial system because he’s been sleeping his way through the hospital since becoming a PA. He is cunning, smart, and manipulative. Dangerously convincing that he’s the “good guy.” Buys you flowers, takes you on nice dates, to the beach, on trips etc. while he’s talking to 3-4 other women and sleeping with them behind your back. He can lie with a straight face looking you dead in the eyes without hesitation. He’s the most selfish human being in the world. He gets physically inappropriate after a time too when he’s angry and you don’t do what he wants. His favorite targets are young, married or separated women, even with kids. He’s broken up multiple marriages intentionally because he wanted the woman for himself. He will guard and hide his phone, turn it off, or keep it on silent/sleep around you so that when the girls text him you won’t see it. He will go through your phone and computer to see who you’re talking to because he will think you’re cheating on him too. In his last long term relationship he cheated on a woman that had two kids with 18 different women in 2.5 years. He’s controlling and will want to spend every minute with you to know where you are and what you’re doing while using any time away from you to fulfill his sexual addiction with as many other women as possible. He needs to feel wanted by multiple women at a time, it’s what he bases his self worth on. He has ruined some very good, strong, beautiful women. He will crush your spirit and break your heart. You will believe everything he says and trust him with your heart only to eventually catch him in his games. He will even meet and pretend to love your children. If you think you are different, you are WRONG. Once he weaves his poison into your heart and mind you are putty in his hands for him to manipulate and torture. RUN as fast as you can.



7 thoughts on “Bryan Newcomb – serial liar, cheater, manipulator”

  1. Omg I know this man, he came in to Sam’s club, I work there. We started talking I liked him, so we went into the hms room and f***. I suck his d*** real good!!! He f*** me in my a** and p**** so good. I told him that he does not need to put on a condom, because I can’t get pregnant. I also shave my p****!!!! I am an over weight women that loves to f*** anything. I f*** women as well.

  2. You are a nasty lady. You say awful things about people you don’t even know.
    You are crazy.

  3. I know this guy!!!!! He seriously tries to f*** anything and everything!! Bad rep around town in the healthcare field and LMHS for prowling for women. One of the PA’s at Lee said he straight up back-handed his ex-girlfriend in the face for NO reason in front of a ton of coworkers at a bar just a couple of months ago! Bad dude, seems like he knows how to play the nice guy a little to well. Glad someone called him out on here!! He deserves it.

  4. There’s a reason this pops up when you google him! I was dating him and turns out he had a girlfriend and kid the entire time! He even took me to work events!!!

  5. 16464026426 Call me if yall want to go out with a sexy Italian guy named Joe and I am also interested in guys as well 🙂

  6. Wow, just read this and instantly got nauseated. I knew this guy a LONG time ago and he clearly hasn’t changed at all! Once a cheating dirtbag, always a cheating dirtbag. Too bad this post wasn’t around back then to warn his possible victims! He’s a sick man and seriously evil. Stay away at all costs! Don’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth!

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