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Brice Eichler

Ladies beware, this guy does not meet the criteria of cheater or pig he is much worse. Brice Alan Eichler of Celina Ohio also known on match as Ike2864 will play you and lie to you. Those texts and messages he sends are all duplicates of what he is sending to numerous girls. Good luck with his dui’s.



3 thoughts on “Brice Eichler”

  1. Thank goodness I googled him! Was supposed to meet him soon….thank you!!

  2. Ha !!! The problem here is I’m single & she was married & I didn’t even know it until her husband try to friend me on Facebook so ya I dumped this psycho …. Hell her parents didn’t know she was married again … Ha stick that up your a** Dawn !!!! Lmao

  3. I’ve been dating Brice for 3 months now and Brice is a wonderful man. I was quite suspicious when I found his picture on this web site. I am welcome to go through his phone at any time he’s an open book. Don’t believe everything you find online.

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