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Bradd Yoder Sucks

Bradd Yoder fooled me and tore my world apart. He lead a double life with me and his aparent family in Maryland. I found out he had a wife and kids after his wife Becky cheated on him with a women. I was able to check his phone and found text messages to his wife whom I had no idea existed. He works for star roses and I knew he traveled often. He tried to deny his wife and children. He left me completely heart broken.



85 thoughts on “Bradd Yoder Sucks”

  1. I might even be your best friend? I might be your coworker? I might even be related? I might be one of Bradd, Becky, or Sarah’s friends? I might come to your children’s games? I might have a child play sports with you? Or on teams you taught? Then again I might not even know you in person? I might of went to school with you? I might of grew up with you? I might of shopped at the same Walmart as you. I might even check you out in Walmart. I might deliver your packages. I might deliver your pizza? Many possibilities.

  2. Sarah & Becky are the problem. Bradd might have cheated now and then but it was never a relationship.

  3. Bradd and I is in a relationship again. We will get through this. Age means nothing. His family will learn to accept me.

  4. Pretty sad he showed pics of his naked wife to Sara’s husband in dollar general. How would mike even know about pics? Hmmm. Real nice like really????

  5. N I have dearly paid for it n now I am being blackmailed. Unbelievable. How could u show him? Dont even deny it let your wife ask him. How could u?

  6. Thursday should be interesting

  7. Not as interesting as when the order is up and she can be told what was shown . I have the screen shots. U can’t deny it this time cap. So insecure poor little man. Threatens to leave his wife over everything that doesn’t go his way. so who is all these post from random ppl or Mr perfect himself? The truth is all gonna come out now least the real story will b going around town. No more of the half truths and lies spread saying it was one party chasing. Sad but u can’t lie at this point n protect certain ppl. Sick I hope u r happy. I’m sure one of your girls will comfort u when it comes bk to haunt u n how I threatened ppl over n over. No wife idc what they do deserves to be treated with threats n the tactics pulled. I just want to know is it you or one of your spies or just anyone postin.

  8. It would save a lot of embarrassment if ppl could b adults. If no one shows then it gets dismissed. Then a room full of ppl won’t know the real story and not mr perfects delusions and fabrication. I don’t care if ppl know my part anymore. I was lucky for over a year. But there is one person who I really don’t want their rep being effected n that’s the truth. I am done with everything. Ppl know how to contact me if they ever want to. I hope someday that will happen. I can assure ppl that they have no worries of me contacting again. if it’s come to this then I understand now how despart n important it is for quite time etc. I just also worry about two lil ppl. This can all b stopped. Then everyone can move on. I really didn’t realize how bad it was. It is what it is. The past can not b changed but the future can. all I can do is pray and let gods will be done. I just hope someday things will change but it’s time to let go. I wish I saw it sooner. Eso before u showed him those pics u had no reason to do that to does it hurt me besides of physical abuse? It doesn’t u only hurt the person in the pics. Keep posting ur bull. I’m done keep my name out of it. Play the games on here. I have enuff to worry about health wise. U have no reason or whoever to keep setting me up. My representive can handle it I guess.

  9. Don’t leave us all hanging what is Thursday?

  10. Thursday ruined our plans. You better make it up to me Mr. 😉

  11. Thursday will be quite. Certain can’t do it to her. It would only make it worse if the truth comes out on record. What does the one person have to loose nothing? But ppl in the other position could really get hurt by the community with their job. A certain person is not going to risk the other persons career and respect. Some ppl think A certain person don’t care but They do even more then they do about themselves. representation said a certain person can go and tell it all and risk ruining many things for the other person in their career etc. Yup the real story woukd come out and they won’t look like the chaser and there was never anything n there were responses when it appeared it was only one side messaging. All cards could be laid out and leat the one person wouldn’t have rumors that wasn’t even true going around. They look like there was not two ppl willing and one person was trying. I only wish it was discussed beforehand this could of been completely avoided. If ppl were told detail With communication and would of been told of the health thing n the threats they were getting over n over then it would of been dif. To late. Apts 2day taught me a lot. Certain ppl have learned things today that has taken them back completely and only want the other person back to their old self n the other person assures it will be quite. They can’t stand to see the old person gone and never coming back to their happy most caring self. They have done enough n was very shellfish messing up something good for a lot of other ppl. N they accept responsibility. Hopefully the idott on here will stop being a idiot. Leave Certain ppl alone. Make ur spies or whoever is doing this crap stop. Enuff of your threats cap. It’s one little person who is gonna suffer now. Certain ppl wish they could done things dif but to late. Praying to god for serenity etc . Can’t take anymore. But to the haters keep making fun it’s nothing that should be made fun of.

  12. Jerry, Jerry!!!
    Dr Phil!!!

  13. This sounds like court. Restraining order or peace order is what it sounds like to me. I advise you to check your state laws before not going if you are the defendant. Some states will charge you with failure to appear. Please give us more detail. Who has charged who? Can you post pictures I would love to put faces to everyone on here. This is more entertaining then television. I am not making “fun” of anyone but what do you expect airing your laundry on Facebook. This man has a lot of women. There must be more to the story. You may want to contact Hollywood. This could be a movie or at least on Cheaters the television show. $$$

  14. LEAVE our son alone!

  15. Google it stupid. If nobody shows they throw it out. You can’t get a fta for this. I’m sure if nobody shows and its thrown out they won’t have to worry about anyone contacting anyone again.

  16. @Google I was just saying you may want to google it before a person does not show up for a court hearing. I also would like to say I did not mean to say for airing your dirty laundry on Facebook. I mean this site is just as bad as airing private information and airing your laundry. You are all just lucky you are not in California.

    Who is going to court? If the guy is getting a restraining order on the girl and she or he writes on this thread they will be facing trouble. Each party must place a order on each family member or recipient in most states. Is there a order in place?

    I can not fathom the information people post on sites like this one. Do you realize this is posted forever? Anyone can see this. There must be more to the story. Be adults and stop telling the world your problems. It’s unfortunate not knowing if these posts are even legitimate. On the other hand I do enjoy the entertainment reading the various posts on Liarscheatersrus!

  17. Dr Phil will be contacting you all.

  18. Is anyone going to tell us about Thursday? I keep checking daily for a update. Lover quarrels are always fun in a court room.

  19. As she fingers her and feels how wet it’s getting she begins to moan saying god your so wet mmmm….she knows just what to do next to finish it off. Then she begs for her turn. She ribs the vibe from her hand n begins using it. She is soaked almost like she wet her self from the excitement of fingering her. She is moanin more n more. She is telling her where to hold her fingers where to lick her and caress her. She is playing with her own nipples causing both to get the same reaction. It takes her a longer time to get the right spot. She loves the light touch the light licking and sucking. She is so wet and loose. There are now three fingers n then she wants them pressed not moved. She wants her tongue right there on top. It’s so hard to stay focused. She says she gonna c**. N repeats it till she is bouncing nearly off the bed. N you would swear she had wet herself. But she is to sensitive to go again u can only lick the juices and inside until a little while later she is ready again. It drives her nuts she can’t get off like her. After kids it’s much more loose but still so perfect. So she goes back to giving it all again. She know just what to lick and how hard to push. She only gets scared she might hurt her from fingering so hard. She know she is going to explode and then goes down on her to taste what is coming. The whole time she herself is dripping again from the excitement she is feeling. She does thing she never knew about. She knows just what to stimulate just what to suck and just what to touch. This goes on for hours n repeats then they lay intertangled n talk the rest of the night. They sleep only a short time till it time to get up and go again before they part. Or they meet up for quick times. Only one gets pleasures to explosion bc they have to be quick. But as she is pleasing her she gets so wet. So wet so she lets her taste her before they part. There wasn’t a time together they didn’t have this. Very rare. They would learn new things to do. More ways to be discreet. They did anything to please each other. They were both happier then ever before. He could never do those things she said she never experienced such pleasure n excitement. She just could b in two places.

  20. She wanted to b in both places. She said she felt she belonged in both places. She did everything she could to stay at the one place as much as she could each night. Or she had her stay with her nights that were safe. They went away as much as possible just to get the time together. She told her she never felt so right as she she did laying intertangled with her each night. He couldn’t give her those feelings anymore. It had been many years. Many years she had to lay there and let him think he pleased. She had the moans down to a science. You could only tell by the way she twitched. As she payed there getting tired of him trying to get off finally she would get on her knees to let him from behind so she could just get some sleep. But he was all she knew. She never had another man. She was comfortable. He could support her. He could good her the finer things in life that she so well deserved. She wanted them all together. She told her she had dreams of being with another women times before they were together. For something so wrong it felt so right to them. Then the moment had changed. It finally came about. They both knew it would come at some point just not so soon. She had to lay low. She needed him for security and not to loose her family. She feared loosing her children. She was torn. She wanted both families. But as a mother could not leave. They needed her yet the other family did to. He threatened and threatened. They continued to sneak but it was not the same. No more entire nights holding each other, pleasing each other and talkin all night. The morning encounters and times they could get together became more valuable even though they would have to be short times. It didn’t matter. Those moments were always like they haven’t seen each other in days yet it was just a day or hours. It worked for a while. Holidays came and went. They found ways to talk and tell each other how much they missed each other and loved them. They could not meet almost daily. More things happened. She was there for her. She layed with her each time just like old times just a couple months back. She held her made her feel safe and promised things would be ok. They would lay there and she would please her quickly before someone would come in. She would let her touch her to feel that she was still so pleased by her and nothing had changed. the only thing that changed was they could not be with each other all night many times during the week all night long. She became more sick and could not do the most simple things. But she was there to help her. She did not trust anyone else but her to help her shower or do the necessity things. She was scared. She was helpless. One of the last critical times they spent the night when she was sick he threatened she would not have a home she would not have her kids. She was torn. She cried uncontrollably leaving her there alone and helpless. She was forced to desert the other family even the innocent kids. He was so jealous of them. Time went by then they saw less n less. They still had those quick moments when it was safe. Then she had to be more discrete. They had to play they would not talk. She tried so hard not to but would fall bc she missed her and had to. They were way more then those hours being with each other pleasing each other. They had so much in common. They loved shopping together, gardening, working, watching movies, and more. It was never just intimate. He made her do things she did not want to do she cried and cried but had no choice.she made him think it was what she wanted. She played the role just like in bed with him. She hurts her more and more for him. She did the unthinkable but if he only knew. At first she was angry until she was told about it. She had no choice it was tearing her apart. In time she said it will be ok. But for now it was crusial to lay quite. Every chance she got she would send a message just praying he would not find out. She didn’t understand how she could do this. But understood what it’s like to be a mother. She try’s and try’s to be happy and put a face in for him to think she is happy with him. She does things for him things that makes her cringe at times. Her kids are worth everything and she continues to do those things. It’s harder and harder to fake and live in a lie. She misses her. In a innocent way they are both lost and lonely without each other to talk to daily. She tells her she doesn’t want it this way but she has to. As angry as she is she can’t be angry at her. She wants her happy. She is waiting. She promises things will get back to normal. She must be patient. She must live pretending. She must live the lie. Why can’t she just get honest? They need to move forward without the intimacy to protect the family. They both want to despartly. But to save herself and the family she must do what he wants. She tells her it will be ok. It will just take time. She devastated th other family but how can you continue to be angry she had to at that point. It’s not fair. How can they do this? How long will she have him continue to believe? If she could just do what she wanted without his threats she could be whole again. He blames her but he can’t face and admit to his behavior. If she had her back in a innocent way with no more sneaking then they would both be whole again. The faking of the begging and pleading could end. Her fears of loosing her family, home n comfort zone could end. She said please just don’t leave me. Things will get better just give it time. Time for him to cool down. Time to heal. It gets harder for her to wait. Harder to not reveal things when questioned. She is tired of looking like the bad guy he has painted a delusional image. He can not accept the truth and lies so he doesn’t look like he does. Him of all ppl how could this happen. He thinks he has it all and no one could ever of gone so far with her. She could find someone that made her happy yet she was no where near what he had. She looked deeper. He can’t accept someone like her has her too. He needs to accept they can be in each other’s lives like before but in a innocent way. A innocent way is better then nothing at all. She is tired of hiding it. Pretending. But if he knew things will get worse. She can’t imagine going months and months but she assures her it won’t be that long. She will send messages as much as possible. She will see her when it’s safe. But why can’t it just be normal and save them through all this pain? The innocent ones are suffering more then you can imagine. How could you go to her that day and tell her those things. Why did you not do that at home after asking her. Talking to her first. But we can not change it. How will they do this. She says one day one hour at a time. She will wait she is worth it.

  21. Honey, anyone of you could be the next one to get hurt and cheated on. Once they cheat they ALWAYS will again. If they Cheat with you they will cheat ON you. Everyone in this soap opera should find someone else.

    Whoever is reading this might want to check the profiles on liarscheaters. Many of the posts on here have been copied and pasted. A name has been changed if anything.

    I am speaking from experience and hours of searching.

  22. What happened to the one girl? Why was she sick? Cancer? Don’t leave us hanging.

  23. I miss you B.L.Y. I have a present waiting for you.

  24. Find my new blog. Let this be for him and his whores. He tried to twist it to make himself look better. He changes the subject matter to divert the attention away from his unfaithfulness. I hope he is enjoying himself as ppl he is talking to is laughing at him bc of the lies he is spreading. Ppl aren’t stupid. I heard your friend at her new job was telling someone all about your family. Friends huh? A certain teacher who is such a good friend sure did bash her so called friend(s) unreal. Keep it going. If u think ppl believe what your sayin your wrong. He truth hurts. Now find the new blog.

  25. I hope you had a good work out yesterday baby, mwah

  26. She couldn’t wait till he left for early flights or work. Soon as he left she was going up stairs to be with her. Nights he was gone when their child was coming home she would sneak downstairs and get in her bed so when he came in he never suspected anything. A few minutes after he returned home and went to be she would sneak back upstairs until early am to get in her bed before her kids woke up. She was never alone. Times he was home they would have a excuse to get her up there. She would go up for the kids then Every night she layed there with her and always pleased each other before she had to go down to him. They couldn’t wait.

  27. Your just jealous your not eating my wife’s p**** anymore b****.

  28. This is when it sucks we should be celebrating a certain transfer of one of the trouble makers. Now if they only would of gotten rid of two blond b******. You know your bffs who bash the entire family but smile to your face? Who was there for u always. This time last year who was there? Not ur b******. younprob joined the click again anyway. Don’t come crying to me later. I’ve always tried to protect u from the two faced b******. Least one is gone but u prob will take her place. Ur good entertainment for them. I tried to tell u before. U will hear what’s been said while dippin ice cream. N what her bff was saying too. Unreal.

  29. I can have her anytime I want. How does that feel? Those big t*** are mine you stupid c***. She will do anything I want. She does not even care about those kids anymore. Her own mean more then yours ever did. You did all of this b****. Karma. I told you not to f*** with me. She would do anything to keep me. Awe, now you or your children can not even talk to her. Until when? That’s right November. By then you will be all forgotten. She will never speak to you again. She is mine and you will never have her again. You will never be a friend of hers again you stupid c***. Leave her friends alone. Your just pissed she has her friends back and your not included. You have caused them to talk about this. You just can’t stop can you. Take a bottle of pills. Your children deserve better. At the rate you are going you and your husband will be sharing cells. Karma. It’s waiting for you.

  30. Thank you for all of your comments. This has been one of our most popular threads. The world is a better place when these liars and cheaters are exposed for their wrong doing. Let’s expose one liar and one cheater at a time. That one little lie or that one little encounter can disrupt an entire lifetime. Pass this thread along to your friends, find liarscheatersrus on Facebook, pin it to your Pinterest, and add it to your blogs. Stop these liars and cheaters from their actions in the future.

  31. F*** You
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    I guess she’s an Xbox and I’m more Atari,
    but the way you play your game ain’t fair.
    I pity the fool that falls in love with you
    (Oh she’s a gold digger)
    (Just thought you should know better)
    I’ve got some news for you oh
    go ahead and tell your little boyfriend

  32. Are you seriously thanking people for helping expose liars with the purpose of ending their behavior? Or are you just looking for a way to stick it to someone you dislike? Either way this isn’t going to do create anything positive. But either way it is entertaining.

  33. Bradd is now portraying to be me on other posts things on here then saying comebacks like it’s not him. N totally slandering me saying I did insane things that I supposedly did funny thing is she is the one who makes the first moves when we r together. She is the one who sends me nude pics. He has seen the proof and the truth hurts. Now he is even trying to get my abusive ex husband after me again. His wife was even here during some of those times n witnessed it he even wrecked his vehicle coming to their house to get me. He showed him naked photos I had of his wife. N now they r “friends” or have no problem with him after slashing their tires? Hmm ok. Trust me u don’t believe me n u want to believe him I’ll show u proof I’m sick of him lying n saying I “force” myself on a willing participant. Truth hurts. Stop pretending to b me!!

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