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Brenda St Martin is a cancer to everyone and anyone around her. She cheats on every man she is with and she doesnt care for anything but herself. I met this piece of work a long time ago and she tried to give crack cocaine to my sister and when I found out, i dumped her and regretted ever having this loser in my life since. She lies to everyone about me and is jealous of what I have accomplished while her fat a** sits dying from some disease noone cares about. She works at Neuroscience and Pain Institute in Covington, LA and she puts her nose in things it does not belong. I am no longer allowing this piece of trash to affect me as I will never speak to her again and I am warning the entire planet of who this person it. She is a cancer that will eat at your insides and I warn any man to stay far away from her as possible. She is dangerous and can spread disease quicker than a snap of your finger. She lies, she cheats and she is a horrible mother to her 5 kids. She is the queen of trailer trash and its a shame that she just screws everything in site and doesnt have a care in the world for her own health. She conjured up a story about some guy having aids and giving it to everyone when in turn, he had cancer. She is a black widow that wil tear your soul and there is proof all over town that there isnt a bed she hasn’t slept in. STAY FAR AWAY FROM BRENDA ST MARTIN!!!!




  1. This fat ugly bit*h screwed my friend Glen Breland over and now is stalking him. She is psycho!!

  2. It’s only a matter of time before she dies anyway, she has HIV.

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