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Barry Johnson – Toronto Ontario

What a complete narcissist and compulsive pathological liar. This man will go out of his way to continually attempt to convince you that your his “everything”. He tries even harder the more you doubt and question him, until he finally has you convinced. Then out of no where he will just stop calling, stop coming by which will p*** you off….Then he will block your calls, block your texts and flat out refuse to discuss his disrespectful actions. Not to mention he will do ALL of this while STILL living in his ex wive of 6+ years basement. He is an in the closet addict and an all around horrible human being be cautious ladies….



1 thought on “Barry Johnson – Toronto Ontario”

  1. This is a pot calling the kettle black. Maybe if you weren’t such a waste of oxygen Charlene Herbst I would have stuck around. Go g out and get gangbanged like you love to do

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