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Arlindo Pais, Scotland

Arlindo Pais and the dirty nasty man stealing thing. Have tried to bad mouth a outstanding young woman and her family by spreading lies and cruel words regarding this girl and her family. The poor girl that these two are trying to bring down and trying to cause problems for is an amazing and outstanding person and mother. The girl and her family are one of the nicest people and family you would ever meet. They are all very hard working, the girl in question is studying and is also joining the police to provide her son with a great life. The little boy is such an intelligent child and this is due to the amazing job that his mother and her family are doing. So people like Arlindo Pais and his dirty **** should look at their self before trying to make comments about an outstanding young woman. Arlindo Pais is a thug a drug user an alcoholic and a criminal and a let down of a father.


Author: Anonymous

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