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Antonio Guy Thomas in Texas

This is what you start Looking like when you Lie, Cheat, and try to mistreat people you start aging fast. He’s only 60


Author: Anonymous

27 thoughts on “Antonio Guy Thomas in Texas”

  1. This is the man that my friend is in a relationship with he even asked her to marry him he drives Trucks I told her that most of those truck drivers that drives from State to State are no good and have lots of women but after reading all of this on him he’s the worst I’ve seen Hes not going to change he has been doing this for a long time he’s worst than a Serial Killer he needs to be in jail sick man Ladies Beware

  2. Is your friend the one who is currently living in his house with him?

  3. Lisa, I live in California he got me. I met him on Delightful dating site. Yes he is really sick, I pray your friend knows about him. He is a sick serial predator who is on all these dating sites looking for his next victim. He needs to be stopped. Tell your friend she needs to get away from him. He has a woman living with him that he is supposed to be engaged to.

  4. Ladies. He has a profile on The profile show he is actively on the site. His name is Cal52. Wearing the same black suit! Damn shame!

  5. This man is really sick I’m so glad I found out about him he’s dangerous he’s going to hurt someone Ladies be very careful this is lucuifer for real I Pray that this so call man be stopped

  6. Is he that crazy I guess so he even said race doesn’t matter so you know now he’s looking for more victims but he’s going to meet the wrong woman and it’s going to be all over for him and he’s on Facebook with a woman with the same suit on that he’s uses on the dating site SICK

  7. Barbara, thank you for posting this. All I was waiting for is proof. Now I have it! This is all I needed to know!

  8. You’re more than welcome I can’t stand a No Good dirty dog like that and then have the nerves to try and victimize other women he needs to be stopped

  9. Lynn, Everything you have read about him is true. He is a Filthy Liar not to be trusted. Don’t believe him he is a lying bastard.

  10. Ok, Ladies you need to stop. I know all about him and he is going to be my husband. Please have some respect for me.

  11. Are you serious this is not about you if you want to marry this Low Life that’s you but this evil bastard will get what he deserves and if that takes blasting his a** all over social media we will so it’s not going to stop this Devil came into all these women life with broken promises and lies so his life should and will be a living hell I feel sorry for you though

  12. This is a public forum. You are nobody to tell these women they need to stop. Your attempt to devalue their words is a result of your own insecurities. You have disrespected all these women and have the nerves to ask for respect. You say you know everything about him, you don’t even know half! You put your business out here, so deal with it. You want respect, give respect. I really feel sorry for you.

  13. You are welcome Lisa. This woman had the nerves to come on this site to tell these innocent women who have been victimized by this man they need to stop. What’s so sad is she is also a victim and don’t have the fortitude to see it. She will one day pray she would have listened to these women. I’m sure he denied everything to her and she fell for his lies. She is so desperate to hold on. He will never marry her. She is delusional if she thinks so. I’m asking all the women on here to pray for her, because he is going to hurt her bad. She posted pictures in an endeavor to clam him, other women on here could have posted pics of themselves with him, but had too much respect for themselves to do so. Again, I feel so sorry for her. She is probably hurting but can’t admit it. Take care.

  14. Yes she does not have the right to tell us to stop if you know all about what he did and then you have the nerve to get on here and say he’s going to be your Husband like its something to brag about if you want to be his fool go ahead and say you do because know of the rest of us is going to stay with him he grow old and lonely by himself its looks like you’re condoning what he did and it’s nothing with it you acting like it’s our fault like Laura said I will be Praying for you because he has you brainwashed and he’s going to really hurt you. He doesn’t deserve you so please get away from him while you can

  15. Tammy, her devaluing these women is her attempt to hold on to him. She is in darkness, probably can’t sleep; hurting. She know he has deceived her. She put her Face Book page out here for the world to see who she truly is, not air brushed pics she posted here; exposed herself to the world. These are educated women, she is a pipefitter helper who presented herself with a ghetto mentally. She is a victim also.

  16. I pray you all continue to pray for her. Like Tammy stated, she is coming across like this is everybody fault. None of these women deserved what happened to them.

  17. June, What is wrong with you? You need to stop.Why are you on here if you are still with the sick loser. He created this, it has nothing to do with you. You need to respect yourself none of the women on here has disrespected you. You need to tell your husband to be that he needs to stop. All of us are victims including you. If you are still with this Psychopath and you say you know all about him. Sounds like something is wrong with you. We will not stop posting the truth about him. Please don’t post any more messages like this. It’s about Antonio not you.

  18. First let me apologize to each and every one of u, for what u went thru.
    June, the nerve of u to get on here and to say what you said . Someone said u don’t know him not even the half of it… And she was right. Someone said he will never marry u, they where right. I have a friend that’s been knowing him for about 9yrs June.. Ladies this man called this woman and apologized to her about all.. Etc .The lady in return, June! told as u say ur husband to b..
    To apologize to each and everybody.. Because June, she told him nobody deserves to go thru that. He admitted he was wrong and etc… This woman for a fact, tried to help him. She told him to stay off the internet, she told him to stop lying to ppl. She told him to stop using ppl. She also, warned him over the yrs ladies, that this day would come to him if he didn’t stop. He use to lie to her to.. She use to tell him to pump his brakes, and to regroup his thoughts. He knew she knew how he was, and he hated it! see June she really knew him and knew what he was about.. He knows if he’s reading this who put him in his place and challenged every thing he said. Also, you’re not the only one who could’ve post pictures, as someone said. Out of respect to themselves they didn’t.
    He ask my friend to marry him as well. Ask him what she said to him. Im tell u true facts. Antonio knew out of everybody he know, she saw straight thru him.. That’s why they remained friends until this day. She keep his butt at bay. He spent alot of time with her and her family. I use to feel sorry for some of the things that came out of her mouth to u Antonio, but now I see why she handle u like she did. She won’t post, but I will. Sorry friend I had to put that out there. This post was to u June. U shouldn’t have exposed yourself like this…
    U asked for all of this from everybody.
    U r the fool June not anyone else.
    Tell her about Becky, Antonio.. Yes, ladies she’s black
    U know who Becky is Antonio
    I’m so, so sorry friend if u come across this.
    U know all is true.
    U know u probably hope she don’t see any of this post. Well she tried to tell u.. For years and years to stop! This would happen.. Everybody who knows her know she told u… Again, ladies BE BLESSED
    Antonio if you’re puzzled on who Becky is…
    Who would tell u and I’ve heard her say, u can’t tell her what u think she wants to her.. And no I must say, u didn’t use her or ask her for anything
    Ask him what he told her about marry you! June
    Ladies my friend heart truly goes out to everyone whom he lied to. Again friend, if u come across this, please except my apology for this. This also is really been nice June and really sparing your feelings ?.
    Becky isn’t her name..but I’m calling her Becky. Which Antonio u know who she is..

  19. What kind of Monster did I cross path with and was in Love with this man and he would always say I Love you and one of these days you’re going to be my wife I Thank God everyday for removing this evil man out my Life especially after reading all this stuff he’s been doing this for a Long time he doesn’t love anyone but himself Hes pure Heartless and evil

  20. June, you posted your Facebook page for all to see in a desperate attempt to quell your wounds! You know this man will never marry you. You know you are a victim, but you are trying to hold on any way you can. Coming on here to dismiss these women was your pathetic way of trying to make yourself whole! You put all your personal business on “this” site, not thinking about what you were opening yourself up to. You disrespected these women! You did all this for a man who doesn’t even want you! He denied you! If only you knew. Why would you put your Facebook page on this site is a mystery to me, now everybody know who you really are. You need help and I pray you get it. None of the women on here posted their pictures. You need to keep it real! I know you are still holding on to a thread that you are going to marry him; will never happen. You need to listen to the woman who posted anonymous! You are no different than the rest of these women, but don’t know it. Until you realize you are a victim, you will suffer. By the way Rotfl is rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!! This is the real you! When you put it out there, you gave all access to your Facebook and legally, there is nothing you can do about it; this is a public forum that you allowed into your private life for the sole purpose of capturing a man who you will never have in the way that you want! Get some help!

  21. The real you again, not some air brushed pictures! The next time you decide to go on a public forum and disrespect women who are victims, you need to think first. You owe these women an apology!

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