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Anny Vongsamphan Anthony

Anny Vongsamphan “Anthony” is a cheater and a liar. She is back in CA since Oct 2014 and is living with her old boss Aerick Stevens. She reentered the States after US Immigration told her to leave, but she came back and works at a salon under the table. Aerick Stevens has been hiding her in his home and even bought her a car and she’s been driving it using a DL from Canada. Even if she came back “legally” which she did not, she would have overstayed her visit without papers or a licence.
They live at 15043 Begonia Drive Fontana CA 92336.



3 thoughts on “Anny Vongsamphan Anthony”

  1. I know her !! OMG that is so terrible

  2. Now I recall her!!!!!!!!
    She’s one of them bodybuilder groupies I seen at a show. She the chick with the cross eyes and jacked up teeth with NO A**! What did he ever see in HER? I think she’s Filipino or something or other. That’s a COATTAILER!!!!!!!

  3. Do you want to hear about another dirty w****? Then look up the fat and ugly Lucy Kiperman. She loves to f*** married men and women. Her birthday is on January, 10. 1974. She works at Sam’s club in Florida.

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