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Ankush ahuja

ankush ahuja foam karnal use sarah in australia for sex n when back india to marry his own kind

Ankush ahuja from the company Ahuja Foam karnal India came to australia to study n met sarah n w his professional sweet talk n promises for the future. sarah believe everything he said n they started a relationship. Then suddenly one day within a week he told sarah he is going bk to visit his family while sarah believed. Only for 3 wk but ankush rang n said his visa got cancelled ??? But he actually went bk bcoz his family has arrange his marriage within 3mths he was married. While he was thr he was still leading sarah on thzt he luv her not his wife he will come bk for sarah n divorce his wife. Sarah was stupid to believe n he asked her ro visit him in india n sarah did 3 times. Sarah spent nearly $7000 thinking he really luv her. But once his wife found out ankush breakofd w sarah on the spot ask her to fu k ogf he luv his wife instantly!!! Blocking her off viber n calls. His wife has also but very supportive for his wrong doing. Sarah met ankush before his wife 2yr8ths n his wife only married one year. Becoz he is from the middle class indian his wife just put up w it n forgive him. Darah k oe realise she has been fool from the start n demanding to hv the money reimburse whi h ankush say he will. Can anyway want help sarah??? Sarah know ankush ahuja work at ahuja foam karnal haryana india but no way to go thr alone now to comfront him. All sarah want know is ankush should at least give bk all the money sarah spend since his fathrr run a successful business in karnal. 2 shops!!! The point is he went out to seeet talk sarah use her n dispose her n go home clean like a noble india man w honour n wt abt poor sarah staying behind to pick up the broken pics.



4 thoughts on “ankush ahuja foam karnal use sarah in australia for sex n when back india to marry his own kind”

  1. Ahuja foam palace, Ankush f****** sarah for free sex in karnal india and australia with lies and cheat sarah money $7000

  2. I can help her out in confronting him, I know India and Indians quite well

  3. Ankita it will be a miracle if u can help. Here is all the information my friends got from Ankush Ahuja friend.

    Ankush Ahuja work at AHUJA FOAM PALACE Shop 29 old gt road karnal Furniture Market with his father Bhim Sen Ahuja. Ankush friend also provide where Ankush live now, how true she is not sure.
    House no. 5 or 6 DC Colony, Meerut road, karnal Haryana. At first his friend was very helpful. He asked my friend to go to karnal where Ankush work and all the shop keepers will help my friend to get back her money. But my friend don’t believe it and is afraid to go alone. She told his friend maybe she might get kill? he said to her shut up? suddenly don’t know what Ankush said to him? His friend suddenly turn cold and said he is not getting involve anymore. Speak to his father herself. My friend tried but his father don’t speak English??? The woman he married called herself Seerat Ahuja on facebook but her real name is Seema Chhabra and she told my friend she is employ as a government servant. Ankush friend said is not true, she is only a temp not a government servant working at Nilokheri government College.
    More and more in becoming clearer now. Ankush was working in a fruit shop at Niddrie, AUSTRALIA packing fruits n vegetable for over 5 yrs working long illegal hours 7 days a week, where Ankush make a move on my friend in the fruit shop he worked in where my friend has her own business nearby to buy stocks. Ankush claim he completed studying accounting at one of the University that he studied for yrs and he passes. But he never pick up his certificate after graduation and just left for india in a hurry? Then why come to Australia and studies??? So strange??? Ankush also told my friend he borrow $10000.00 to help his father business from the bank??? Why if you claim you are from middle upper working class? You need to borrow $10000.00 from bank??? She also spoken to his ex flatmate awhile back and they told her, they move out of the flat for sometimes already that Ankush was renting at sunshine, Melbourne but ankush stay behind till the lease finishes and then he left for india for good but told my friend only for 3 weeks ?? He never told any of this to my friend he kept a secret??? My friend think all this is planned and she was being used sexually and scam with false promise to marry her to break up my friend marriage while he was in Australia and he cheated her to spend huge amount of money on him in india to continue his mentally sick sexual relationship that his marriage was a fake marriage. The last time they saw each other was on Jan 2015 at Shangri’s la hotel New Delhi where he stayed with her 3 nights and he went to Taj Mahal together with my friend and he still took a 22ct gold ring off her at Shangri’s hotel he is greedy . He make such a false stories about his marriage to seema to my friend.
    Ankush told my friend he is from a middle upper working class in india and how his house is all marble floor. He was trying to compare the marble floor from the one he saw at Taj Mahal that his house marble floor looks newer???? My friend was on her way to the airport in the car and Ankush followed inside and he was still asking my friend to give him a 1000 repee note??? She couldn’t understand why?? Middle upper working class asking for 1000 repees note??? Anyway she just gave it to him! $20??? Middle upper class asking for $20???

    Ankita my friend said if you can manage to get the money back you keep half and pls donate the other half to the poor farmers who is suffering in india or nepal appeal. My friend is ok without the money before and is ok without the money now but Ankush doesn’t deserve to keep the 4 lakhs. Karma is looking after my friend, she is doing really well and has move on with her life. so she just want to donate the money to the needy if you can get it back from Ankush. My friend believe in Karma strongly and all she want is the true out and Ankush Ahuja expose and punish for what he did. Please tell his father everything if you can. If the father is a decent man he should return what ankush did.

    Ankush Ahuja 91 9034583660
    Seema chhabra 91 8950683660
    Bhim sen Ahuja 91 9215657102 his dad.

    All information provided are given by Ankush Ahuja friend and hopefully correct.

  4. Somehow call this guy out in a crowded place in delhi because thats a place where his contacts wont help him as meerut and karnal both doesn’t come under NCR-Delhi regions so non of his contacts can threaten or do something their
    Sarah u need to come down to delhi and believe me if u file a complaint for security and if the police officials ask to meet him then it will be helpful you can even include media in this as any person outside INDIA is given importance and If its an international Issue then it can easily get media attraction and can spoil the image of this guy and get u justice as this news would get around in INDIA.

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