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I read negative comments about ANDY TAMEZ. Unfortunately I have to confirm that this man is a real pervert, pig and liar. He is a frustrated single dad with unstable jobs and takes his frustrations out on women. He drinks like a fish and smokes joints. He goes to strip clubs and collects porno magazines at home. He also has a lovely collection of b**** on his phone. He considers hismself an excellent lover in bed but he is not. His “hotties”, sluts let him believe. He uses free websites to pick up vulnarable young ladies. He will promise you the moon but no, he will just take you to his dirty bed where he wants sex and sex and blow jobs and then he will dismiss you with stupid excuses.

I hope you will google his name to find out who this man is before dating him. He is the worst man I have ever met in all my life. He also tries with other girl friends of mine but fortunately I gave them a warning.

Stay away from Mr. Andrew Valente Tamez


Author: Anonymous

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