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Andrew Joseph Callens is Mr Liar of the year! – California


I need to tell everyone about this creeper who is totally following me, he is so into me, and after finding out what a cheater he is, I want nothing to do with him. He moved to Atascadero with no job, living on his kid sisters couch, talking mad s*** about how great he was in the Army… but won’t find a job.

So he like left his super smart girl in Colorado, to go kick it with his wife (douche bag is still married), and sleep in the back of his truck because he is too lazy to get a job.

All he wants is a free ride…. he can stay his useless a** in Mississippi!


Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Andrew Joseph Callens is Mr Liar of the year! – California”

  1. You call him a cheater, yet say nothing of how he actually cheated, because he didn’t.
    He just wants nothing to do with your crazy (and rightly so), even if you are a “super smart girl” from Colorado. He broke up with you months ago… Get over it.
    He’s not going back to his soon to be ex wife (who he’s been separated from for well over a year); he’s spending time with their kids, like a good dad does. He and his soon to be ex wife have managed to stay friends and get along great, despite their pending divorce, which speaks volumes about you. They had been together 13 years and are still amicable. You were together a matter of months, and he’s had to deactivate social media accounts and change contact information just to avoid your stalking and harassment.
    Heaven forbid he serve this country honorably for years, deploy, then choose to go to school to better himself when he finally gets out.
    He has worked his a** off every single day since he was 17 to provide for his kids, often working more than one job. If he can take some time off now while going to school and still earning money and providing for them: good for him! He deserves it.
    Also, who paid your mortgage while living with you? Oh… That’s right, it was him. Sure sounds like he just wanted a “free ride”.
    Do yourself a favor, and seek the psychological help you so desperately need, and leave this good guy alone!

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