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Anderson Triggs of Florida is engaged and has kids. Stay away

This guy is a major cheater and manipulator. He seems really nice at first but he is really evil. He is full of sob stories about how much he has been wronged by women especially the mothers of his children (yes ladies, plural). He prefers to date very young girls in their twenties who are easily impressionable by his charm and wealth. Claims to be younger than he is (In 2016 he is 37). He has impregnated multiple young women. Stay away!! Use protection always!!!
Andy Triggs is engaged and has a family but he travels a lot. Do not believe his story that he is single.. just run. Fast. Away.


Author: Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Anderson Triggs of Florida is engaged and has kids. Stay away”

  1. This dude is truly nuts. Andy Triggs is sick as hell. We can’t even believe it. My mom just found out after seeing him off and on for almost 4 years that he has been engaged to Maria. She questioned him many different times and he tried to act like she was crazy. He said that his fiancée was the mother of 2 of his kids and she just stayed in his house to take care of the kids. Andy said that until 3 months ago it wasn’t a big deal because he didn’t want anyone truly in his life until seeing my mom again this time. He even convinced her to completely be his girlfriend. Said he sleeps on the couch and she sleeps in the bedroom and that she got pregnant with his 3rd child the 2 times they had sex in the past. He totally lied to my mom when he came around last May-July. He never said she was even pregnant or had a 3rd baby. They just have a business relationship according to him. He has been around our family, stayed with my mom, calls my son ‘his little man”, and knows any boyfriends I’ve had over the years. He doesn’t live double lives, he lives like 3-5 full lives. I know and I’ve seen him call my mom baby, babe, say that he misses her so much constantly. EVEN THIS WEEK. We all told her but he convinced her that he would prove it all and to give him time and just trust him through his custody battle. He sent her videos and texts her constantly over this past holiday weekend and said the supposed ex maria was in New York. Thank God one of the other girls contacted my mom because she was suppose to see him this coming weekend. I’ve seen all of it. Stay away from him. He knows what our family has already been through and acted like he just needed to do things right and give it a few months before he got her out of the house. Today, my mom got pictures with this woman he supposedly only lives with and doesn’t talk to. He has a facebook with her that said Maria N Andy. Now he changed it to Andy N Maria. His lies are endless. He even got my mom in business and talked about how much money they were going to make together, buy a boat, a big house, and so many more lies it’s crazy sick. Please keep him away from your family and kids. He even stalks his ex, She will tell you. When he gets caught, he threatens and gets nasty like he’s really cray.

  2. Is this “Andy Triggs”? I know it says “Anderson Triggs” but is it the same dude?

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