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Amanda Johnson of Florida is a Compulsive Liar

Betrayal is what Amanda Johnson is all about, she has been unfaithful with Charlie Black aka Jack aka Jacques Charles since 2009 a deported drug trafficker . She betrayed her friend while her friend was pregnant and sleeping in the next room by having sex with her friends boyfriend. She also did the same thing with another friend of hers and slept with Derrick Miller. She says she did it to get back at her friend for sleeping with her boyfriend. Her friend denies ever sleeping with any of Amanda Johnson boyfriends. Amanda told her husband the exact opposite, she said her friends betrayed her. There is no way I marry her knowing she betrayed her closest friends in this manner. Know she has betrayed her husband but acts as if she has done nothing wrong. She is just creating more lies to try and conceal her deceit and dishonesty.


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