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Alex Vartabedian aka Michael Anthony

He is a head varsity girls basketball coach &P.E teacher at Rosamond High School,CA. He told me he was single and lived with his sister. I later found out that he was married and had a son. He lied and told me he was leaving his wife for me and he was unhappy with her. I believed him and trusted him. He came clean to me that he slept with over a dozen woman and that he was a changed man. His wife later told me he has stds and I should get myself checked out. Beware of this man he only uses and abuses woman!!!


Author: Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Alex Vartabedian aka Michael Anthony”

  1. He got me pregnant!! I don’t no what to do. I thought it was a joke.

  2. He told me he was single and tried getting at me too!!!omggg thank god i wasn’t fooled tho, i knew he was lying.

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