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Aerick Stevens

Aerick Stevens has been harboring a fugitive by the name of Anny Vongsampham. AKA (Anny Anthony)
at his home 15043 Begonia Fontana CA.
He carried on an affair with Anny while she was employed at UPS Ontario Hub while he was and still is a Supervisor. He was her boss and UPS learned of this and fired her after losing her petition for citizenship from Canada to the USA.
In addition to this he has been hiding her at his residence since Oct 2014 after she reentered the country illegally (having been given a document from the INS instructing her to leave and not return)
Aerick Stevens since bought Anny Vongsamphan Anthony a car (2014 Camry) of which she does not drive legally (no CADL).
He currently has a lien on his property as can be found online by searching his name in Fontana CA.
Harboring an illegal alien is a serious offense according to the laws set forth by US Immigration and ICE.
UPS has been notified as to the goings on by Mr. Aerick J Stevens as well as all authorities involved.
Immigration, ICE and local PD.



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