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Aaron Weixel Head Case Douchebag in San Jose California & Medford Oregon

April 11 2017

Hay Aaron you should get in contact with Aimee. Some juicy news at her house! We think it’s hysterical but since your a shallow lying manipulative std spreading DOUCHEBAG it’s no surprise she hasn’t told you. LOFAO! Dont blame her one f****** bit for wanting to protect a kid. We let your new w**** who emailed thru the craigslist ad in on the secret. Tho we think the lady who emailed is really you or your mommy cause your hiding behind her apron now. She must be so proud of raising such a douche like you & not a responsible & respectable REAL MAN.

Christy’s gonna be checking in on Aimee & seeing if you grow a sack & man up. Oh what fun it will be every time Aimee says no & we get to say more about how we’re feeling on the situation! We gots a list of 12 sites now doucheboy. Cheaterland, Cheaterreport, Reportmyex, Cheatersandbastards, Stabbedmeintheback, Datingcomplaints, Blacklistreport, Badbizreport, Womansavers, Stdcarriersdatabase, Stdcarriersexposed and Stdregistry.

Everything we post is all true too. No speculation or assuming or making s*** up. You KNOW its all true too. We got screenies for most of it & we’re more then happy to add em to each post. Only thing we’re doin by posting it all up is outing your real life & exposing the lying manipulative std spreading douchebag you really are. Too bad if you were just a decent & real man & treated Aimee with respect & kindness instead of like garbage none a this would of ever come out in the open.

For those just tuning in see our Letter To A Douchebag at the link

Or better search his name in the top search box & see ALL the info about this lying manipulative shallow std spreading baby abandoning d*** face.


Author: Anonymous

6 thoughts on “Aaron Weixel Head Case Douchebag in San Jose California & Medford Oregon”

  1. Woooo make it 13 sites & not our doing. Encyclopediadramatica dot is picked up our letter to a douchebag all by theirselves. Tell us doucheboy. You get in contact with her & find out the juicy news yet? Its a week since Christy seen her now. Think she’s planning to call Aimee tonight & see if you manned yourself up yet.

  2. Woooo 14! Encyclopediaerratica picked it up too! They must be taking stuff from here to post over to them. 14 & counting dude!

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