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Aaron Weixel. Grand Douche in San Jose California & Medford Oregon

To Aaron Weixel Grand Douche of San Jose & Medford {March 31 2017}:

You are disgusting. You have no ability to feel guilt & remorse. You destroyed a beautiful smart happy caring lady. You knew all she’s gone thru & you did her more wrong on top of it & knew you were doin it! You’re the dictionary definition of DOUCHEBAG PLAYER. That poor girls been hurt so f****** much & you making it all worse to her makes you nothin but scum.

Lets run down the facts from all the texts tween us & her, & us & Terri. Texts that are all backed up with screenies:

You f*** her a bunch a times & then tell her she don’t have the right body for you & tell Terri it don’t matter how nice she is. Or how sweet. Or how wonderful. It’s ALL about the body type but you’re still gonna let her suck your d*** for you. SHALLOW!

She learns she’s pregnant & can’t recover from the shock before you start stressing her out max.

You were tryin to force her to get an abortion & even after she told you no. She says you were relentlessly hounding her over it. She says you never not once was agreeable to anything but her murdering HER kid.

You tell her you don’t want nothing to do with HER kid. Cause we can’t say yours cause you never deserved that baby. You don’t deserve ANY baby EVER.

You tell her HER kid is embarrassing & you never want nobody to know about it. For real? What are you like 15? A 30 something grown man don’t hide a kid he made from the world. A 30 something grown man ain’t embarrassed by a kid he made.

She says you said to her you wished she’d have a miscarriage. Jesus then she does & you should have big guilt over that one! Only douchebag players won’t feel bad about that one.

You didn’t talk to her for a whole week after she made it clear she was keeping HER kid.

March 13 2017 she miscarries HER kid & you still weren’t being there for her. It was YOUR fault too with your std & prolly too with all your stress you gave her.

Then you were sorta being there for her but only talking to her. Wouldn’t even go see her after she miscarries a baby YOU got her pregnant with. A baby she decided she wanted to keep. If she were really your friend like you claimed then ya’d of gone. Sending her flowers & calling it good is pathetic. That’s what you do for a coworker losing a kid. When it’s a kid you created you do more if you say the lady is your friend.

You say to her you wanna see her when you go back to Oregon but we knew you were blowing smoke up her a**. It’s what players like you do. We tried to tell her you wouldn’t see her but her sweet innocence believed you. Now look.

You leave her high up & dry after she says you promised her you’d be there for her & saying you two are still friends. Only Terri knows why for it now & the b**** won’t tell. But she says it’s cause Aimee cared about you enough to talk to someone. If that’s being true then you’re even lower than scum ditching her over her caring. THAT’S WHAT SHE DOES! SHE CARES ABOUT PEOPLE & WE ALL S*** ON HER.

You never looked to take any responsibility about the kid you created with her. Everything said proved you only wanted to run away like a little boy & thats EXACTLY what you’re doin!

Finding out you’re the reason she miscarried HER kid was icing. Giving her a std? She was asked if you ever tried to even say sorry & she said no. Low doucheboy. Just low.

She had to see HER baby dead in her hands & go thru everything by herself & you still treat her like s***. Terri says she ain’t even got a hug from anyone since all this is happening & you still treat her like s***.

You left that lady with no body & you KNOW she has no body. How you think it would feel if some douche like you does this to YOUR daughter one day?

Terri says that lady sounds just awful on the phone & prolly looks alot worse than she sounds cause we know how hard she tries to gloss over her pain. When she’s coming right out & saying how bad she’s hurting then we know shes hurting BAD cause she never says she is even when we seen things happen with our own eyes.

She musta looked like prime pickings to you we bet. We aint dumb & we know player DOUCHEBAGS prey on ladies like her. Ladies with no family & are alone & have been to hell & back already. But a****** you picked the wrong one cause we’re gonna agree with Terri finally & say you picked one of the ones sent here for a reason. Cause she IS too sweet for this world. We’re thinking she senses it herself cause she’s said before she don’t feel like she belongs here. Said she feels like she don’t fit in with the people on this earth who are always bein cruel to one another. Karma or fate or God or whatever is there is gonna eat you right up for this s***.

No matter how much we tried to tell her what you are she defended you. She kept seeing good in you. She sees good in every body even when they hurt her to an extreme. Even in you. THAT’S the lady you f***** up & over.

Terri says you’re hiding behind your mommy now too. Just like a little boy & not a grown man. Got your mommy saying Aimee has to just move on cause you did. F***! Sounds like your mommy has no f****** empathy either so guess we know where you got it from. No doubt YOUR moving on means you’re f****** new girls & making them believe your s*** so you can ruin them too. But there’s Aimee left hurting bad over HER baby & she’s being told she can’t hurt.

How the f*** does your mommy expect her to just move on after she seen & held HER OWN dead baby & no doubt got traumatized by it. Then being ditched by the BOY saying he’s her FRIEND & he promises to be there for her when he knows he’s all shes got? She can’t recover if she’s been stranded all by herself! Have some f****** common sense! F***.

Terri said she was sounding better having you there for her but sounds half dead now. Sure she could go see a therapist or some s*** but that ain’t gonna DO S*** when the person is only talking to her cause they’re bein paid to talk to her & doesn’t have a connection to the situation & don’t know her. Why should Aimee have to pay to have someone talk to her too when he root of this pain is YOU. You killed HER kid with your std & then ditched her. So it shouldn’t be HER cost to get a therapist. She’s already paying enough in other ways.

Terri says she feels like s*** asking your mommy to reach out to Aimee. She says your mommy told her she wouldn’t be like you but she is. Terri says she prays your mommy never called her & said anything heartless to HER. For the f****** love of Christ it was her grandkid & Terri says ya’d never know it from the s*** she told Terri.

Terri says too Aimee told her even your sister made her feel guilty as s*** for hurting. Like she has no right to hurt. Jesus f****** christ that girl never once in all the time we’ve known her came to anyone asking for help. Not even with the s*** we seen her thru. If she’s trying to go to someone for an ear then she needs it BAD & more than we can guess. Sounds like your whole family is f****** stone cold hearted. How would dear sis feel if she was being put thru what her bro is putting Aimee thru? Good thing that baby would have been raised by Aimee & Aimee alone so it would have been taught love caring & compassion.

We know Aimee enough to know all the cold hearted people is just gonna make her shut down. Terri even says she’ll be shocked if she ever sees a genuine smile outta that lady again. It means us too cause we acted like assholes to her when she dont deserve it. Everyone turned on that lady when she needs help & caring but our difference is we’re admitting we did her wrong.

We’re taking back every bad thing we said about Aimee. Terri & lisa are right & she’s not what we said she is. I5 ain’t her fault she’s loving trusting & caring. We’re gonna pay for that s*** on our own. Saying we take it back is us owning up to it & that something you ain’t never gonna do for her cause a****** scum douchebags don’t know how to do right.


Author: Anonymous

14 thoughts on “Aaron Weixel. Grand Douche in San Jose California & Medford Oregon”

  1. Aaron boy you gonna get some whoopass handed to you in your afterlife. What a douche. Didn’t your mama ever teach you how to treat a woman? Doubtful if she’s being a b**** too.

  2. Aaron boy you gonna get some whoopass handed to you in your afterlife. What a douche. Didn’t your mama ever teach you how to treat a woman? Doubtful if she’s being a b**** too.

  3. They’ll remain for eternity. You can lie to new woman you’re f****** all tax want douchebag but we can add screenies to every single post to prove you’re what we say ya are. has plenty already. They just gotta search your name here. Aimee might not be wanting to make posts herself but we gots her back & we’re HAPPY AS F*** to do it ourselves cause we have all the screenies & know it’s all true.

  4. Doucheboy saying he’s f***** alot of girls

  5. Doucheboy’s plenty of fish profile

  6. Emails galore. Internet has EVERYTHING.

  7. Doucheboy saying to one of us he’s still gonna let his friend he knocked up suck his d*** if she wants & he ain’t gonna say no to her.

  8. They’ll remain for eternity:

  9. You can’t hide from the truth Aaron Weixel. We’ll get justice for Aimee for you killing HER baby. We have more then enough screenies to prove you to be a lying manipulative std spreading DOUCHEBAG.

    We know Aimee ain’t gonna help you anymore cause you proved yourself to be EXACTLY what we tried to tell her you are. Your betrayal & breaking your promise to her means WE don’t gotta listen to her begging us to take s*** off the web anymore.

    You preyed on that sweet loving & caring lady. We saw the texts. You f****** did it on purpose you disgusting excuse for a man. How pathetic to purposely hurt ladies who have already been thru hell & back for your amusement.

    You never even had the f****** balls to APOLOGIZE to her for giving her a std or for killing her baby. We know. Cause we asked her. She said you never did. Pathetic.

    So without further ado!

  10. Nother thing too douchebag. We don’t think it’s gonna be hard to convince Aimee to write a post herself now. She’s hurting so f****** bad over you bailing on her on top of her trying to figure out how to go about her grief from losing her baby. Hahaha you running out like a coward p**** has got her thinking all kinds of things now. She told Christy it when Christy saw her this week. She might be saying right now she ain’t gonna make one but cause we were right about you were gonna run & quit talking to her & weren’t really gonna see her she believes us more then you now! It won’t be hard to get her to make one. Can’t wait till she does cause it’s gonna have lots more s*** that we don’t know. We know she left lots out & Christy says the anguish in that ladies eyes this week tells her when Aimee spills she’s gonna spill EVERYTHING.

  11. Hay we put 7 links to douchebag reporting sites in our post & our published post only has three of em. What the f*** gives cause you say you don’t edit posts!

  12. Joker, if you’re not aware already, this site is run by Russian foreign intelligence in order to run “active measures” against civilian scientists and researchers who are working on areas that Russia has explicitly prioritized as strategic. They’ve also gone after NYPD officers and others who play some key role in protecting the public.

    Aimee sounds like a smart, intuitive person who — although she may have made some errors — would not post on this site, sensing something fishy or trappy about it.

    Google “Gerrard Ulrich” and follow the trail. You’ve seen what I’m talking about.

    Also, somebody’s getting framed and it’s not Russia.

  13. Hahahaha ok jerry. 411 she’s thinking about doing it. Says to us the douchebag Aaron told her if she posted how she felt about things he can’t be mad at HER if it’s how she was really feeling. She already tells us she knows everything we posted on him is true. She says with him bailing on her just cause she cared enough to speak up about his health he’s showing her he’s EXACTLY what we tried to tell her he is!

    10 to 1 your his mommy or him trying to look tough. If your him then you know what you did to that lady & you know it’s all true. If your his mommy then b**** you raised a sorry excuse for a man & he should have been swallowed in a blow job. Your no better saying Aimee has to move on two weeks after seeing her dead baby & what should have been a stain on your sheets jumping ship after saying he was her friend & promising to be there for her. None a you have ever even SEEN that lady since this went down. We have from running in to her. She’s a god damn she’ll of the happy lady she was. He ruined HER & now it’s HIS turn to be ruined. Funny he could have avoided it & still can by being a real man.

  14. Aaron boy we got two new sites to post on thanks to ol jerry! LMAO! Your up on 9 different ones ones now! 3 of em are std ones. Fun times!

    Aimee tried the harassment s*** on us too before you ran out on her. It ain’t harassment if it’s ALL being true. We make sure we only post true s*** too. Now we got her thinking about coming to OUR side cause you made yourself walking proof of what we told her you are by running out on her last week. We’re lovin it! Your too stupid to see too if you were just genuine to her & were keeping your promise to her we’d have no beef & no reason to post!

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